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March 17, 2010

DC Reviews: MAD #503

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Written by: Drew
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MAD #503
Publisher: DC Comics
Writers/Artists: The Usual Gang of Idiots

So how does one write a review for MAD Magazine?“, you may ask. It almost seems like just doing a normal review wouldn’t be in the spirit of  MAD at all. Well to counter that, I assure you while writing this review I am in the buff, my birthday suit, bare-ass naked. Now I know there is no way to prove that I’m not being a jive-turkey and lying my ass off without proof, but if I web-cammed this review, I have the feeling that suddenly I wouldn’t be getting married in August. So for the sake of my relationship and for the sake of having your review being in the vibe of wackiness it deserves, just accept the fact that I have no clothes on.

Now, just how is issue #503 of MAD?… Impatient aren’t you? Well the good news is great news, and that great news just happens to be the latest issue is a solid delivery of fun. There are classic staple gems of MAD such as the fold-in and Spy vs. Spy, as well as new staple MAD Strip Club (which always delivers on the laughs), along with a parody of TV’s The Big Bang Theory, the 38 Worst Things About Late Night TV, and a hysterical take on Avatar by the one and only Sergio Aragones.

MAD Magazine has gone through some changes since it started back in the 60s, but thanks to a sturdy cult following, it has still kept going all these years through hard times (although publication schedules have bounced around. Sadly the latest schedule for MAD has dropped down to quarterly, although it looks like a shift to bi-monthly is on the horizon). I assure you, the laughs are still here folks and worth every dime. Pick it up now and get some more enjoyment out of your books.

Drew McCabe



  1. Dude, you spent more ink on the intro than the actual review!

    Though I can’t really afford to go out and buy the mag anymore, when I look at it in stores, it still has the same great spirit and rampant creativity as it ever did…just with a largely new crew. I was surprised to see Hermann Mejiha (probably spelled wrong) as a regular…he is an incredible painter and all around artist…and I never knew he would be so good at the constant caricature that is necessary for certain parts of the magazine. One day, when I grow up, maybe I can work for them.

  2. Billy

    Great stuff Drew! lol

  3. I grew up reading MAD and my mom hated them lol I used to raid my uncle’s collection on a regular basis which he didn’t like either, I may have to check ’em out to see if I still like it

  4. Put some damn clothes on you freak!

  5. Wait a minute, Andy! Wasn’t that your preference for all staff writers: to write in the buff?!?!?!

  6. I write all of mine nude on horseback.

  7. I prefer writing mine under water while wearing a clown costume.

  8. […] your dollar.  Go pick this issue up and it will be a dollar well spent!  Sergio Aragones (of MAD Magazine fame) will have you laughing your ass off and then spending an hour looking for it.  It’s […]

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