March 22, 2010

Green Arrow writer, J.T. Krul skating in the National Hockey League?

This weekend while getting my NHL fix, I noticed something awesomely shocking. J.T. Krul, writer of the hot new Green Arrow series as well as Soulfire and Blackest Night: Titans, was skating for the Minnesota Wild under the alias “Owen Nolan”, right winger for the team. Check it out:

Amazing, right? “Nolan” has been able to produce 14 goals so far along with 16 assists (30 points) in 66 games with the Wild this season. For those non-hockey fans in the crowd (shame on you) the benchmark for goals is at least 20 per season with 82 games to possibly do it in.

So how does J.T. do it?

I have no clue. But what I do know is that he will be appearing at Collector’s Paradise this Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm for a signing, promoting his exciting new run on Green Arrow with The Rise and Fall of Arsenal and the new Green Arrow ongoing. Be sure to stop on by!

Andy Liegl

(Go Sabres!)



  1. with a macbook you can still get work done while in the penalty box! lol

  2. Eli

    Well, here’s a guy who’s living out not one but two dreams that us mere mortals will probably never realize. Talk about two ridiculously cool jobs.

  3. HalxJordan

    Woooo! The photo I took of J.T. is used in this article!

  4. Billy

    It would be even better if he played for Colorado. 😉

  5. @HalxJordan Dude that’s awesome!! Where were you??

  6. […] this week we made the ubiquitous discovery that DC Comics writer, J.T. Krul is playing hockey in the NHL with the Minnesota Wild, under the guise of Owen Nolan. So how in the hay can he be appearing at a […]

  7. […] J.T. Krul keeps The Rise of Arsenal just as dark and dismal as the ending of the Justice League: Cry for Justice series was and when you take into account that these events take place soon after Blackest Night it’s been a pretty rough time for the Justice League as of late. This issue does fill in gaps in Justice League: Cry for Justice and the Justice League: Rise and Fall Special during the first half of the issue but once we get to actually focus on Roy is where I think the story starts.  From Roy’s trauma induced dreams, to seeing Lian’s body, and then to his argument with Black Canary I think that Krul effectively set up a decent issue and might even change my opinions of what’s been going on with Roy and Ollie lately.  Though I do wonder what will come out of all this despair and tradgedy going on with these two and if it’s a little much at times. […]

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