March 13, 2010

Marvel Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man #624

The Amazing Spider-Man #624
Publisher: Marvel
Writers: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer
Art: Paul Azaceta & Javier Rodriguez
Cover: Michael Lark & Jodi Wynne
Variant: Pasqual Ferry & Fabio D’Auria
Pages: 32
Price: US $2.99
Release Date: March 10, 2010

Okay, so Peter Parker gets fired.  Who doesn’t already know that?  If you don’t, you must be living under a rock and it is time to climb out from under it and head to your local comic shop.  Marvel released the news several weeks prior to this issue’s release, and it even says so on the variant cover.  If the ending has been given away already, why buy it?  Why read it, right?  Wrong! That’s not the whole story.  It’s much deeper than that!

As we were left with after #623, the new Vulture is after J. Jonah Jameson because word has gotten out that ol’ JJJ is responsible for his puking hideousness.  Spider-Man shows up in time to get the new Vulture away from his alter ego’s cousin-in-law and out into the open air of the city.  After lots of punching, acid puking, web shooting, and zany one-liners, Spidey is able to point the Vulture in the right direction of those who are responsible for what he has become: the mob.  At last, we readers (along with this new flying freak) get to find out the origin of this new violent, vomiting, villainous Vulture!  Is he a victim?  Is he deserving?

After Spider-Man gets rid of the threat, J. Jonah Jameson is left with one dead security guard and one huge scandal that could mean the end of his political career.  One can’t be the Mayor of New York if he is responsible for a bad guy!  He may have had something to do with with the Scorpion, years back, but not this time.  Not the Vulture.  Peter Parker knows his cousin is innocent, and he knows just what to do to prove it to the people of New York.  Does it work?  Why did Peter get fired?  Is he a victim?  Is he deserving?

I’m not really a big fan of the art in this issue (or in this Vulture story arc, for that matter).  It is the same artist that kicked off The Gauntlet event for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and I wasn’t a fan of it then, either.  For an event like this with a flagship character, I would think they would use art short of nothing but stellar.  Oh well, I can get over it.  I know the art can be a reason to turn someone off of a book and cause them to drop it, but I hope you stick with it.  The story is good enough to save it in my book.

So get out from under your rock, get to your local comic shop, and pick this issue up!

Aron White



  1. Kristin

    Wait…who is whose cousin?

  2. Aron White

    JJJ and Pete are cousins!

  3. Billy

    I saw this and wanted to buy it just for the Trump-esque “you’re fired” cover. lol

  4. infinite speech

    Hasn’t Pete been fired before?

  5. Aron White

    Yeah. But that was from podunk gigs or Jonah just throwing a hissy. This time it is major.

    Damn, I really can’t say much without spoiling it. ha!

  6. infinite speech

    I really had no intention of picking this up because i’ve taken a break from spidey for a bit. Plus since I figured he’d been fired before it was no real issue…now i’m intrigued as to what happens. Damn you Aron! lol

  7. Aron White

    haha! You know you wanna pick it up! It is not just a normal firing. It’s a definite “Oh, shit!” moment for sure!

  8. Aron White

    Yeah, Billy. That is a nice looking cover, alright. I don’t remember how much it was though. I think they should all be cover price, if you ask me!

  9. Still have to read this issue, but I totally agree with you on the art. Not my fave either…at least not in a Spidey book…

  10. Aron White

    No, it’s not. And the guy who followed the Electro story with the Sandman story…I didn’t like that art either. I hope they are not going in a cycle. Or the art is gonna suck for a while. Boo!

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