March 12, 2010

Marvel Previews: Spider-Man: Fever

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Written by: Billy
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Coming to comic book shops in April is Spider-Man: Fever. It will be a three-part mini-series written and illustrated by Brendan McCarthy (Judge Dredd, Solo). This will be McCarthy’s unique take on an other-worldly adventure with Spidey and Dr. Strange. McCarthy is quoted as saying he is taking an old Amazing Spider-Man Annual story (#2), and Steve Ditko’s unparalleled version of Dr. Strange and creating something totally new.

This little sneak peek and an interview is at Marvel.Com, and I am extremely excited for this to be released. You can definitely see Ditko’s influence on McCarthy’s work, and I for one love it! So Spidey fans and Dr Strange fans alike should absolutely pick this up. It is currently scheduled to be released on April 7th.

Billy Dunleavy



  1. so is it just a revisioning of that annual’s story or is this tale continuing from it?

  2. billy

    @Speech-I believe it’s more of a continuation of that story. I think in the interview McCarthy says that he’s using some of the characters in from that story in a brand new adventure. 🙂

  3. Aron White

    This is awesome! I can’t wait! I love me some Doctor Strange! I’m gonna have to go back and pick up Mystic Hands, too, I think. I haven’t been picking up all the mini-series, though. I’m wanting an ongoing. Not just another tease! I guess reading Essential Doctor Strange books are gonna have to do me.

  4. billy

    @Aron-Definitely pick up Mystic Hands…it was awesome!

  5. Aron White

    Okay. On your recommendation, I will! How was that last mini? The art turned me away from it.

  6. billy

    @Aron-The mini was great to. It was a little different stylistically with the writing and definitely with the artwork (Emma Rios). She has a kind of manga look to her work. Good stuff though and it had a great ending but left a small window open for more (hopefully an on-going). 🙂

  7. Aron White

    Hopefully it will come out in TPB soon!

  8. Huh I thought Dr Strange was depowered at the moment, Marvel have no respect for their own continuity, makes me sad 🙁

  9. Billy

    Hey SCP, I’m just assuming it’s an out of continuity story. The Doc certainly isn’t “depowered” though. He just willingly gave up the title of Sorcerer Supreme due to his use of Dark Magic. I’m not sure what Marvel’s “official” response is to the stories continuity. 😀

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