March 8, 2010

Ramblings and Reviews 2-24-10 pt 2: SIEGE!

Welcome back to Part 2 of my reviews from February 24th. This was a big week and I’ve already done half of my books in part 1. It was all about the X-titles, but this time it’s all about Siege!

-Minor spoilers ahead!

First up is…Avengers The Initiative #33 (Siege).
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Jorge Molina (cover by David Yardin)

This issue was pretty good in my opinion. It started out with a flashback from Night Thrasher’s past. This scene showed how Donyell and his now dead brother Dwayne, made a pact to not let the death of someone important affect their decisions in life, namely their fathers. This has now come full circle for Donyell, who is struggling to either help his friends or betray them and bring his brother back from the dead. Norman Osborn made a deal with him that if he betrays the resistance, he’ll clone his dead brother’s body and The Hood will put the soul in said clone. Well, to make a long story short, we don’t get to see the answer to that question in this issue, but we do get to see the resistance fighting against The Hood and the Initiative who are still following Osborn. Good issue but hopefully next time we will get to see what Night Thrasher is going to do.  3.5/5

Next up is…New Avengers #62 (Siege).
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist(s): Stuart Immonen & Daniel Acuna

This was a really cool book for Cap fans. The real Captain America, Steve Rogers that is. The book starts out with a couple of B-list villains getting the better of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman. After Spider-Woman escapes the mental thrall of Mandrill, she and Spidey decide to leave the two nobodies webbed up for the cops. The focus then shifts to Cap and Bucky-Cap who are pinned down by some cops and the Living Laser. Cap tells the Laser to stand down but he refuses so then he and Bucky go on the offensive. After some back and forth, Cage shows up and punches Laser in the face and then Bucky electrocutes him. Immediately after this, we see Nick Fury aiming a laser sight at Cap but he convinces Nick he’s the real deal. Then, the Secret Warriors, Cage, Bucky, and Cap, go back to headquarters where there is more than one hero in shock to see Steve alive! The teams are gathered around the television and see what’s going on in Asgard and make preparations to go help Thor!  4/5

Next we have…Thor #607 (Siege).
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist(s): Billy Tan & Rich Nelson (cover by Mico Suayan)

In this issue we see what was going on in Asgard while Norman started to enact his plan to wage war with the legendary Asgardians. We see Fandral and Hogun try to explain Volstagg’s actions and the consequences.  Then we see Knut (a crazy old guy that has “visions”), tell Balder that trouble is on the horizon. Balder dismisses him, and then Loki kills him. The next scene had me a little perplexed, as we see Heimdall, sleeping, but then awakened by Loki and told that Asgard is in imminent danger. For some reason though, Heimdall is bloody as if he has been in a fight. He tries to warn the others of the impending massacre, but I think Loki stops him. I say ‘think’, because the way it’s portrayed in the book is really hard for me to understand. We then see Volstagg in jail for the events that happened in Siege Embedded, but the police see what’s going on and don’t agree so they let him out. Just as he’s leaving, he believes he sees Thor coming to his aid. He soon realizes that it isn’t Thor, but his doppelganger that was created by Stark, Pym, and Reed Richards during Civil War. He starts to beat the crap out of Volstagg, and that’s where the book ends.  4/5

Lastly I have…Realm of Kings Inhumans #4 of 5.
Publisher: Marvel
Writer(s): Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Pablo Raimondi (cover by Stjepan Sejic)

This limited series has really picked up since issue number one. At this point, Maximus is on the run and considered a traitor to Atillan. Gorgon, Crystal and Ronan, are in hot pursuit of him. He runs to his chamber of devices to hide out. Of course they follow him in and he unleashes all sorts of cool weapons to attack them. He does seem to be pulling his punches though and it isn’t like him to do so. The team alerts Karnak and he says he’ll tell Queen Medusa. We do get a peek in on the team of Triton and Ra-Venn (in the Fault) who has just witnessed what they initially thought was the return of Black Bolt (it was really just an illusion). They are subsequently attacked by some sort of alien virus. Ronan and Crystal finally corner Maximus, but he uses his telepathy on Ronan. Ronan is momentarily thrown off course but Crystal kisses him and he snaps out of it. Just as Gorgon shows up and is about to give Maximus a whoopin, Medusa and Karnak show up, and, well, I’ll leave you with that because there is quite a spoiler and I don’t want to ruin it.  3.5/5

Well, that’s it for now and I’ll be back by next weekend for some more reviews. I have Dr. Strange, Wolverine, and much more on tap, so don’t miss it!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Siege has been pretty decent so far and I’m liking the build up. I’m only collecting a few of the tie ins. The Dark Wolverine one is actually pretty decent as well.

    I had to skip your ROK Inhumans because I still have mine sitting in a pile of books I haven’t read yet lol

  2. I thought this round of Siege tie-ins were just so-so. Not bad, but nothing amazing either. As for Inhumans, how could they not have figured out Maximus has been plotting against them this whole time!? lol

  3. billy

    @Speech-I forgot to order the latest Dark Wolvie but I did get the previous one and thought it was good. RoK will suprise you!
    @Andy-Did you see the last page of RoK’s though…if you didn’t by all means check it out! I was stunned.

  4. Yeah, New Avengers was very confusing.
    And, they must have changed artists…again….because the art was crap in this one.

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