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October 28, 2009

Indy Gems: Comics for Kids

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I am sponsoring a contest this month!  I need a new banner to advertise Indy Gems on the main page.  The banner needs to be 630 x 250, and say Indy Gems somewhere in the design. Other than that, go crazy with it guys. Send all entries to with the subject “Indy Gems Contest”… The deadline to enter is December 1st, so get those entries in before that. I will go over all entries and notify the winner via e-mail on December 20th. Oh, I almost forgot what the prizes are; I am giving whoever designs the winning banner a Dynamic Forces New Mutants #1 Alex Ross sketch cover signed by Alex Ross (limited to 300), and a Dynamic Forces Reborn #1 Alex Ross negative cover. Now on with the column.

Being a parent and wanting my son to become an avid comic book fan like his old man, I decided to start a collection of comics for him, for when he starts reading; these are some of the titles that stuck out.

incrediblesThe Incredibles: City of Incredibles
Boom Studios
Writers: Mark Waid, Landry Walker
Artist: Ramanda Kamarga
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover: Matt Wagner

How can you go wrong with an Incredibles comic? You can’t, that’s how. This is a pretty faithful continuation of the motion picture, with new villains and new stories! This is a great comic, one that you can buy for your kid, but secretly it’s for you. It’s a great series to help get your kids into reading. The $2.99 price tag is also a nice incentive considering recent price increases on so many titles.

carsCars: Radiator Springs
Boom Studios
Writer: Alan J. Porter
Artist: Silvio Spotti
Colors: Flavio B. Silva
Letters: Deron Bennet

This is a great book for kids still learning to read; the stories offer the kids some back story to the residents of Radiator Springs. I would suggest this to your younger readers; I am adding this series to my pull list for my son when he is ready to start reading. I do stress this series is for young readers, as a more mature reader will find it lacking.

burden1Beasts of Burden
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Evan Dorkin
Artist: Jill Thompson

While I know this comic is a horror comic, it is still a book that one can read with their children. I would suggest waiting till they are a little older for this one though. This series is a great read for all ages, kids to adults alike; I would suggest it be added to everyone’s pull lists. A more in depth review of this comic can be found here.

Scott Andrews



  1. billy

    Beasts of Burden looks good. My son only likes to read non-fiction but my daughter likes to read Archie.

  2. eli

    Cool contest Scott! And yeah Billy, Beasts of Burden does look kinda cool.

  3. ‘Beasts of Burden’ was surprisingly brilliant. Especially the ending to issue #2.

  4. Issue two was amazing, I’m even more impressed with Beasts of Burden now that I’ve read issue two.

  5. Dan

    For younger readers, how about a bit of Owly?

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