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March 4, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: Aliens vs Predator: Three World War #2

Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Randy Stradley
Artist: Rick Leonardi
Cover: Raymond Swanland

“Three World War pt 2”: Remember the Killer Predators that slaughtered that mining crew in the first issue? Well they are about to get some unexpected guests in the form of Colonial Marines sent to check out the situation. Too bad the Marines didn’t see the “Beware of Alien” sign, as they fall into a trap while trying to sneak to the Killers’ ship. Not only that, the Predator ship blows away their air support and their cruiser orbiting the planet!

While these events are taking place, the Colonel and Machiko are watching a 200-year-old video of Thorpe from the recent Predator series being interrogated about his disappearance. Apparently he was with a captive of the Predators, and there’s a little more info but I won’t spoil that for you. While The Colonel fills in some gaps for Machiko, they’re asked to stop a skirmish in the galley between one of the Marines and Machiko’s men. Afterward it’s prep time as both teams (but mainly the Marines as they have experience with Predators) are informed by Machiko that where they are going the “tough-guy” attitude will do nothing but make them a target, and they’ll end up some Predator’s trophy skull. See, they are on their way to Ryushi to get that much needed help from Machiko’s old Predator buddies to help fight the Killer Predators and their Alien pets. As they close in on the planet, Machiko dons her old Predator armor and let’s everyone know that they are here to talk and not to shoot. Well after landing, the team finds themselves surrounded by Predators as they uncloak, revealing themselves to the group. Machiko goes to “talk” to who appears to be the leader of the group, and what an interesting “conversation” they have. After Machiko is the victor, negotiations have been opened.

He's a champ at Predator peek-a-boo!

Stradley is still setting us up in this issue in terms of the story, as we’re getting more of it here than anything. As promised, he’s bringing together specific plot points from the recent Predator series that help to move this story along. Establishing a viable reason to bring these characters together is paramount, so the pacing is fine so far because we have four more issues to get to the all-out action and carnage. Leonardi’s work here is good, yet I’m still having issues with Machiko’s scar not being consistent, but that’s a “me” thing and from here on out I will not mention it again! As we get to see more Predators in this issue, I’m noticing that he’s applying the same type of body structure to the majority of them and they look too much alike aside from the armor. Now I liked the fact he allowed us to see Machiko’s eyes while she was wearing her Predator helmet, because it added to the intensity of her fight with (what I’m assuming was) the clan leader. Raise your hand if you’re tired of me praising Raymond Swanland’s covers for the series. Well guess what? I can’t see you so it doesn’t matter! He definitely conveyed the Machiko/Predator look with this one along with the intensity of the fight; she looks like a beast! There needs to be a cover gallery book for Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs Predator featuring everything he’s done; because aside from issue #4 (which you can see in the Randy Stradley interview) of the original Aliens vs Predator series, all of his are my favorites!

This was another good issue and aside from my pickyness with a few design issues, I’m still on board for the remainder of the series. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the full story to get more out of this one, but even if you don’t it’s still a pretty fun ride. I just wish that the AvP movies would follow suit, because I think Stradley and Dark Horse pretty much gave the movie studio the perfect script, but in true Hollywood fashion they thought they could improve on perfection. When will they learn.

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  1. billy

    This series sounds full of action. It also sounds like a movie thatneeds to be made. lol

  2. I so wish Fox Studios would have followed what Stradley had already put into place a little closer. Yeah the first movie had a lot of nods to the original series but thats it…NODS…lol And the 2nd one was just a do whatever you want and the only thing it shared with the comic was the appearence of the Predalien. I heard that a 3rd one is coming and I’m hoping it’s at least set a few hundred years in the future and is a lot better than the last two.

  3. Yeah, the covers on this series look BAD ASS!!

  4. […] Predators on the planet Ryushi where she first met the hunter species ten years prior.  And after last issue she established that she’s worthy of an audience with them now to see if they will assist […]

  5. sts

    Hello dude, can i post articles to your blog ? Let me know if you are interested

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