January 31, 2010

Marvel Previews: Guardians of the Galaxy #25

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Well, I don’t actually know if he’s coming to dinner or to eradicate the entire universe, but Thanos is back! In the most recent issue of Marvel Previews, it was revealed that in April’s issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos will make his return. is quoted as saying about this issue: “The Story: He’s back…Thanos! How did he return? Why is he back? And what does the appearance of the galaxy’s #1 threat mean for our rag-tag band of universal protectors? Find out in the next issue of the comic that calls “Awesome. Amazingly, jaw-droppingly awesome.” Rated T …$2.99 In Stores: Apr 21, 2010.”

Abnett and Lanning are the current writers on this book, and all of Marvel’s cosmic books for that matter, but this issue was solicited with none other than Fantastic Four scribe Jonathan Hickman as the writer. Dale Eaglesham is on pencils and the cover is by Alex Garner (although Marvel’s site reads that Gerald Parel is the cover artist). The mad Titan, the worshipper of Mistress Death himself will be coming to a comic book shop near you in April, so don’t you dare miss it!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Eli

    YES! There is nobody better at wreaking havoc and spreading terror than Thanos! Can’t wait to pick this up. Thanks Billy, now I’ve got another reason to look forward to April.

  2. whoo hooo! Thanos is one of my favorite villians!

  3. Billy

    @Eli & Speech-I just hope it’s really him. I read while researching this that some people are guessing it might be a Thanos doppleganger from inside The Fault. Unless this “Thanos” acts exactly like the real deal and stays around forever I hope it’s not true. The reason for the theory in case you don’t read the cosmic stuff is because, while on a trip inside the Fault, Quasar discovered a planet with dopplegangers of the Avengers except they are evil, and they have red eyes when they get p*ssed off. lol

  4. I remember that issue…now I am officially unexcited. 🙁

  5. Eli

    Yeah, I hate the dopplegangers. If I remember, there were several Thanos stories during the 1990s that were in fact Thanosi, copies of Thanos. I think the arc where he and Magog?? beat the ever lovin’ snot out of Thor was one of those.

  6. […] can tell by the artwork that’s been previewed. I did a little write-up on this very subject right here a few weeks ago. I for one am glad he’s back and I know there will be some detractors about […]

  7. […] that resembles the ones that Adam Warlock used to use back in the day. If you’ve seen a preview for issue #25, it’s no secret who’s really inside their.  […]

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