March 12, 2010

Asylum Press Previews: Fearless Dawn #3

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Written by: Andy
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Asylum Press comics are usually known for extensive blood and gore within their pages, and while Fearless Dawn has its fair share of both, the series is more of a light hearted read full of quirky humor and fantastic art. The protagonist is Prissy Jones, a.k.a. Fearless Dawn; a cute, perky, innocent eyed girl who excels at good fortune and sporadic monster ass kicking. Her first appearance was in the OGN (original graphic novel) The Bomb, which I raved about a few months ago. In this 3rd issue of a 4 issue mini-series, Prissy and her companion in arms, Betty Magillicutty (who looks a lot like sex icon, Betty Paige) tell the spooky and zany tale of The Case of the Giant Frog! Check out this preview of the issue:

I think the book looks great and I’m a big fan of Steve Mannion who both writes and draws the series. His pin-up style fits the book perfectly and is easy on the eyes, while his writing is just downright enjoyable. But enough of what I have to say, lets hear from some other industry folk and their thoughts on Fearless Dawn!

“I am excited to bring Fearless Dawn to a full-color series. This is a dream project and I’m having a blast.” -creator Steve Mannion

“Back in February’s Previews there was a book from Asylum Press called Fearless Dawn that went largely unnoticed by fans and retailers. The entire industry went on rolling without giving it a second glance, and like many small press books it nearly slipped into obscurity without reaching the core readers in our hobby. But when a copy of it made its way across my desk, I knew from first glance it was something special that people needed to see.” -Jim Kuhoric of Diamond Comics Distributors

“Steve Mannion is one of the most underrated artists in comics. Part Dave Stevens, part Wally Wood his art encapsulates everything I love about comic books.” -Rick Remender (Punisher, Fear Agent)

Look for Fearless Dawn #3 in stores sometime this month, and issue #4 this June! For more information visit the Fearless Dawn website, the Fearless Dawn production blog, and

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Andy Liegl



  1. DecapitatedDan

    Looks good to me!

  2. billy

    Good article Andy. I really like that cover, and the page where the little girl is yelling at the boy who’s mistreating the frog. lol

  3. Yeah it’s a great series! Give it a look!!

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