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January 17, 2010

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: Power Girl and Huntress Legacy Statue

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As a member of the JSA, Power Girl: The Kryptonian cousin of Superman — a legacy of light. Huntress: Follows in Batman’s footsteps — a legacy etched in night. DC Direct proudly presents the Power Girl & Huntress Legacy Statue.

Manufacturer: DC Direct

Released: November 2007

Price: Retail is $195, but as always, there are deals out there.

Packaging: Four panel box with images of the statue around it.

Assembly: Take out the base, put on Power Girl (who has one foot peg that slips into the base), then Huntress (who also has one peg), and you’re ready to display.

The Statue: Upon a city roof, Power Girl leans against some piping, watching the city alongside Huntress, who’s crouching and ready for a fight. Both girls are well sculpted with portions that aren’t over the top. Power Girl’s well known assets are actually realistic in size and not something she would need a back brace for. I really love the sculpt of Huntress’s face, though Power Girl’s seems off somehow. It might be the expression or the tiny lips, but Huntress is really the best out of the two.

The paint job leaves something to be desired. For example, there is skin-tone spotting on Power Girl’s bright blue boots, which is really noticeable. Huntress’s paint job is better, but still bleeding around her shoulders and hair. Another thing that is a bit distracting if you look close enough is Power Girl’s left leg. It has a clean line that shows it was attached later. The problem with this is it could be taken as a warning sign for breaking, though it isn’t jagged.

Overall: 3.9 out of 5. It has a solid sculpt and looks great from afar, however the paint is bleeding in numerous places, Huntress’s cape has some paint bubbles, and Power Girl’s left leg was obviously attached after everything was painted. It’s a good statue for fans of PG and Huntress, but just look at the paint job closely. This just seems like a statue that was made in the 90s, not 2007, and I expect a bit more from DC Direct.

Dee McNamara



  1. Kristin

    Power Girl’s face looks a little odd to me. Too angular maybe; she’s usually drawn with rounder features.
    You’re right about the nasty paint bleed on PG’s boots…blech.
    But I can’t see a line where the leg was attached.

  2. You said it about the face of PG. IT just looks…off.

    I like the classic look to Huntress, but I think you’re being too kind on the overall grading!! : )

  3. I love me some Huntress and Power Girl. Which begs the question, why am i not excited? ..this looks rough for $195.. Did you mean Pesos?
    And just for the record, when it comes to statues of hot heroines, I prefer over-the-top proportions. jus sayin 🙂

  4. billy

    PG has man-face. Huntress looks good though.

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