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January 17, 2010

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Zatanna Deluxe Figure

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The Mistress of Magic, Zatanna Zatara. By reciting words backwards, this magician can cast any spell imaginable. Dressed in her trademark tux jacket and fishnets, she’s ready to put on quite a show.

Company: DC Direct

Articulation: 28 points

Packaging: Four color window box with a fifth panel.

Accessories: A black stand with her name on the base in black, four extra hands, wand, white rabbit, top hat, and a book. The book is really cool. On the front are the words “National Best Seller: Zatanna, Hex Appeal.” On the binding is “Zatanna: Hex Appeal” and the DC Direct logo. On the back is a black and white picture of Zatanna taken from the doll with reviews from the Daily Globe (“A Theater of the Mind on the page for all to see…”), Gotham Gazette (“Absolutely Magical”), and Picture News (“A true tell all!”). How cool is that?

Released: November 2009

Where to Buy: Comic stores and most online stores will have these.

Price: Retail is $99.99. I’ve seen these for way less and got my own for way less, so just look for a good deal because you’ll find it!

High Points: The portions and face sculpt are very realistic. She’s not the over-the-top busty cartoon figure. She looks like a mature superhero that can be taken seriously. The details on the outfit are great, everything is fabric; except the gloves which I love since it’s hard to have good looking fabric gloves on dolls unless they’re mittens. With 28 points of articulation, she’s easy to pose and fun to play with.

Low Points: The paint rubs off rather easily. I placed her hat in her pinched fingers and there is now black on her fingers and silver on her hat. So that’s a major problem for a deluxe figure. Her legs seem pretty far from her hips and seem a bit strange, but I can overlook that.



Overall: 3.9 out of 5. This line is very hit or miss for me, some figures look great, some look horrible. Zatanna is a winner with a mature look that I think really represents her character. The lower score, however,  is for the paint issue and the hip and leg portion awkwardness.

Dee McNamara



  1. billy

    She looks like she’s been horseback riding. lol. Seriously though, the face is a little manly. Great review as usual!

  2. Kristin

    $100, paint rubs off, and her leg joints look awful. Definitely worth bargain hunting for, cause it ain’t worth (that) full price with problems like that.

  3. That suck’s about the paint job. $100 seems a bit steep to me. I’d rather pick up a cool bust or statue for that kind of cash!

    Like you said Dee, she definitely does have a more mature look and that bodes well for the model.

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  5. Her face looks good. very smooth and feminine. She needs to cast this spell though: gelwob eb enog!

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