January 15, 2010

Indie Previews: Seven Extraordinary Things

Seven Extraordinary Things
Doug Lefler

Doug Lefler (director of the 2007 film The Last Legion) has drawn and wrote a new graphic novel based on some of his personal experiences called Seven Extraordinary Things, which he is offering to read for free at Only part of the novel is up now but new panels will be added daily, so keep going back if you like what you see.

Reading what has gone up so far, I can tell you that I feel the writing is solid and heartfelt, and the black and white artwork is a pleasure to look at as well. Lefler has delivered on giving us a great experience with this project.

As the press kit said: “How much would you sacrifice for art?  This is the question that haunts Greg Drucker McTeer, the eighteen year old protagonist of Seven Extraordinary Things.  At art school, Greg will do anything to escape mediocrity, including becoming the secret benefactor to Nina, a gifted dancer who is his inspiration.  When Greg learns Nina is willing to die for her art, his own conviction is tested to the limit.  This 136 page story about Greg’s struggles to live up to a list of life goals he wrote as a child has been repurposed for easy reading on the computer screen.”

Check out a trailer of the graphic novel and enjoy some of the artwork below:

Drew McCabe



  1. This looks very cool! Thanks for filling me in on this Drew!

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  3. I love B&W comics, and that trailer is badass! I’m definitely diggin this. Awesome find and great article, Drew!

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