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January 14, 2010

DC Universe News: Birds of Prey Reunite

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Written by: Jordan
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This spring DC is reuniting the team of writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes to launch a new Birds of Prey series. Simone’s run as writer for the original Birds of Prey began in 2003 and ended in 2007. Benes’s time as artist for the series ran from 2003 to 2005. In an interview posted on the Comics Alliance blog, Simone stated, “I am really excited and I missed those characters terribly. I miss almost every book I’ve ever written, but the Birds have a special place in my heart and brain.”

Not much has been released about this new series, but Simone stated in the interview, “it’s classic Birds of Prey but maybe just a little tougher and a little naughtier. I’ve been given some really surprising approvals and I think long-time readers and newbies will find it quite unlike any other comic on the stands.” She also revealed that there will be a couple new characters that she has been wanting to write for a long time.

Benes had a substantial run on the original series, lasting for two years, with Simone. When asked about being reunited with Benes, she stated in the interview she is “excited as hell about this” and “I think he brings a very fiery European influence that is a wonderful remedy to some of the tired vaguely manga and video game-esque influences we’ve seen lately. He’s amazing. I honestly, truly, never thought this could happen, reuniting with Ed on my favorite title ever.”

To read more of the interview you can head on over to the Comics Alliance blog.

I never read Birds of Prey during its original ten year run, but I’ll try not to miss out this time. Everyone I talk to that read the original run had nothing but good things to say about it. As for Benes’s art, that’s another story. I get mixed reviews when hearing about his work, some like it and some just don’t. I myself am not too familiar with it, but what better way to get familiar with it than the start of a new series?

Jordan West



  1. Kristin

    I notice Black Canary. Who are the other girls in the series?

  2. From left to right: Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, Black Canary, and Oracle (original Batgirl).

    The silohuettes in the background are either Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) or Cassandra Cain (previous, badass BAtgirl) or Misfit (wannabe Batgirl) and…some big dude.

  3. Oh, and I nearly wet myself hearing this news. Gail Simone and Ed Benes are THE ultimate BoP creative team. Their run on the series was phenomenal; think the BoP’s equivalent of Green Lantern’s Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams run. Yeah, it’s amazing.

    The Birds are cunning, smooth, and sexier than that Playboy model who looked like my high school health class teacher.

  4. billy

    My health teacher was a 70 year old prune. Oh, and Huntress is cool.

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  6. The blacked out characters are totally Hawk and Dove!!

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