January 25, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Black Panther #12

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jonathan Maberry
Artist: Will Conrad
Cover: Paul Renaud

“Power pt 6”: Doom is coming, and it seems as if he’s been planning this for some time, and with the world’s focus on Norman along with his membership in Osborn’s Cabal he’s been able to move about more freely.  He has orchestrated the near death of T’Challa otherwise known as the Black Panther, brought the country of Wakanda to economic and social disorder, and set up the new Black Panther (Shuri, T’Challa’s sister) into a confrontation with Prince Namor!  He is also behind the emergence of the Wakandan extremist group the Desturi who wish to return the country to its roots of isolationism.

After finally figuring out that Namor was not behind the devastating attack on T’Challa with the help of Reed Richards; Shuri, Namor, and the rest of the Fantastic Four are headed to deal with the Broker who is also in league with Doom.  When they reach the island a Mandroid immediately attacks along with several upgraded B List characters; Absorbing Man and Hydro Man for example. Surprisingly this actually makes for a pretty good battle with the heroes, however in Wakanda things aren’t so good as the Desturi have made their move on Doom’s order and have over thrown the government and military.  T’Challa’s wife, Storm, has been arrested and to add insult to injury has been left to fend for herself by her husband.  Doom actually could care less about the country’s political climate and it seems the main Vibranium reserves are his true target; though it’s not revealed what he is going to do with it you just know it can’t be good…c’mon, the guy’s name is Dr. Doom!  However unbeknownst to Doom, T’Challa and Shuri have been playing him from the beginning and have had a plan devised known only to the two of them.

Now when you are dealing with T’Challa and Dr. Doom you have to understand that mystical powers aside, what makes these two dangerous is their intellect and cunning.  Jonathan Maberry seems to understand this and it has made for a surprisingly good arc.  This is a smart story, and while switching back between T’Challa’s physical and mental rehabilitation and Shuri coming into her own as the new Black Panther while trying to hold her country together, has made for an interesting tale.  Will Conrad has been nothing but great with the artwork from the basic Panther costume to the upgraded one designed to take on Namor.  I’ve also seen too many lazy artists draw an African-American character just like they would a Caucasian one and just color him or her brown.  Conrad has avoided this to my delight and it has been pretty consistent during his run and I’m hoping he stays on for a while longer.

This arc features two of my favorite characters in Doom and T’Challa, and even though I was not one for yet another Marvel character getting an understudy in their costume, this has turned out to be one of the better choices from the House of Ideas.

Infinite Speech



  1. Can’t wait for Doom War. Looking forward to seeing the X-Men get involved!!

  2. Mike

    No offense, but this book is terrible. Putting Shuri (who?) at the forefront was a bad idea. It’s way too slow paced, and it’s just plain boring.

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    No offense taken thats why they’re called opinions lol

    Shuri may not be well known but what new hero or heroine is? I had the same thought about Skaar and Daken and both have actually grown on me and I’m liking both characters right now. I was ticked off at T’Challa being replaced by his sister but after going back and looking at the bigger picture its making for a great story. The only reason Shuri was even in the forefront was to throw off Doom and it worked perfectly as revealed in this issue…T’Challa is steps ahead of Doom for right now and as for pacing it’s been better the last 4 issues but that may be due to Marvel’s timing for Doom War, Siege, and the Fall of Hulks story lines which all include Doom

  4. billy

    Doom is doing his best Wolverine/Deadpool impression right now. lol

  5. InfiniteSpeech

    He’s talking to himself and calling everybody “bub”?

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