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January 11, 2010

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: Bowen Gambit Statue

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Have you ever been to a comic book store or a comic book convention and seen something that made you squeal like a 5-year-old on Christmas? Yeah, that happened to me with this statue. I was just walking down an isle of a comic convention and, laying on the ground, almost all the way under a table, was a box with a very familiar face. I literally squealed with joy. There it was…the Bowen Designs Gambit Statue. Laugh if you want, but I would not leave the table until he was mine. And now I’m going to share the reasons why you too should squeal and buy this statue.

Remy LeBeau, known as the mutant Gambit, is a thief, a warrior, and a lady killer all in one package. He can “charge” objects with excessive kinetic energy, and cause them to explode on contact. He’s also a limited telepath, adding to his charms. This Ragin’ Cajun has struggled with his on again, off again relationship with fellow X-man Rogue as well as his checkered past, and has also been Apocalypse’s horseman of Death. What lies ahead for Gambit is waiting to be seen, but there’s no doubt he’ll charm his way through it.

Manufacturer: Bowen Designs

Released: April 2005

Retail Price: $150 (2000 made)

Packaging: The normal Bowen box (grey with names of Marvel heroes blended in) with a picture of Gambit on the front with his name, sculptor, and bio on the back.

Assembly: Slip his bo staff into his hand (might take some twisting, just be careful) and slip him onto his base and you’re good to go. Also, be very, very careful of his trench coat’s belt. It’s delicate and sticks out, making it easy to break if not careful.

The statue: First things first. His eyes are the right colors: red iris and black sclera. That is a major thing for me. Honestly, how hard is that to remember or look up? But it never fails, in comics, action figures, and even one of my statues, you’ll find his iris red and his sclera white. It’s BLACK! Anyway, rant over, the sculpt and detail of this statue is incredible. His portions are realistic, though he is muscular, and the paint job is flawless with no bleeding and correct coloration. Remy’s dressed in his classic Gambit outfit of magenta (gotta love a man brave enough to rock that), navy pants with magenta stripes down the side, metallic silver boots, and brown trench coat with the belt open and flowing. The ace of spades card in his hand is charged with his trademark magenta energy, and his bo staff is held comfortably in his other hand. He stands at 12” tall on top of his red and black X-men logo base, smirking like he’s ready for a fight to start.

Overall: 5 of 5. I can’t find a reason to lower his score. The sculpt and paint are flawless and true to character. This is, by far, the best statue of Gambit to date, and for any fan of him, the statue to get.

Gambit not your type? Try out Bowen’s Ultimate Captain America Statue, a website exclusive available only on Bowendesigns.com

Dee McNamara




  1. Eli

    I must be honest about my feelings for Gambit, I pretty much hate him. Always thought of him as pretty useless. However, this statue is spot on like you said Dee, really looks like a quality piece. I never thought about the thing with the eyes, such a small detail that could really mess up the overall feel of the statue of gotten wrong.

    Now, that Captain America on the other hand, he’d have a place on my shelf any day!

  2. Sculpt is impressive, but I’m not really liking the expression on his face. Or his strangely feminine lips.

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    Last time I squeled like a 5 yr old at a con was when I was hit on by the girl in the Black Cat costume years ago 🙂 So this statue though pretty cool doesn’t come close to seeing her lol

    I like Gambit and this is one nice piece from Bowen I like the choice to add a charge effect on the card instead of just a normal playing card in his hand!

    That Cap is GREAT! too bad it’s just an online exclusive though

  4. Kelly

    Bowen always does a great job, and us ladies need some eye candy every once in a while. Women in their knickers just doesn’t do it for me, and guys in metal suits or complete face masks get old. Gambit is a hot piece of tush, and this statue is very nice to look at. Giggity. 😉

  5. billy

    I like the Gambit except the crappy playing card. I would rather they just made it bordered in red or something to make it look like it was glowing. The Cap is OK. Not really an “Ultimates” fan.

  6. Kristin

    Yeah the flaming, seemingly on fire, playing card is a little odd. I didn’t even think about that.

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