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January 15, 2010

DC Reviews: JSA All-Stars #2

Publisher:  DC Comics
Writer:  Matthew Sturges
Artist:  Freddie Williams II
Cover:  Freddie Williams II

“Catch A Falling Star: Constellations pt 1”:  Okay, so Johnny Sorrow has a jones for Stargirl and has arranged her kidnapping, but these things usually don’t go as planned.  The man he hired, Arthur Pemberton (Uncle of the original Star Spangled Kid), tried to up the price and that just didn’t sit well with Sorrow, so he and the rest of the Injustice Society decide to pay him a visit; and by visit I mean attacking his base and killing a lot of his guards.

The All-Stars get a lead on Stargirl’s location with the help of their new super computer, and fly off to save their friend, only to find the two teams of bad guys going at it.  After another argument between Power Girl and Magog, they join the fight and attempt to locate Stargirl.  We are also treated to another cameo appearance by Sandman, though his involvement is still a mystery.

JSA All-Stars, though a decent read, isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.  Sturges works the familiar elements pretty well and I do like that fact that the team is standing on its own by not going to the JSA for help.  Now the conflicting personalities of Magog and Power Girl get a little overwhelming, and this issue actually reads more like “Magog and Power Girl featuring some other heroes you might have heard of.” It just seems as if no one else on the team has anything really significant to say or do unless it’s fight time. Actually the only team member that has an excuse would be Judo Master, since she doesn’t speak at all. The only time any other character gives any input is when the team is back at their base just sitting around, which is rare.

These past two issues have been action heavy so I’m willing to give it some time to see if something develops that makes this team stand out besides Power Girl’s costume.  Maybe I’ll give it more time if the price of the book comes down because $3.99 is too much when I’ve paid $2.99 for better.  In regards to the artwork, Freddie Williams II still makes the book look good on every page.  Sure he puts Power Girl in almost every scene, but my favorite was the two-page layout of the Injustice Society which is the best looking in the entire book.

There is also a backup story featuring Hourman and Liberty Belle written by Jen Van Meter and drawn by Travis Moore.  The two are after a book which may lead them to a powerful mystical staff.  However the errand leads them into confrontation with two members of the Injustice Society, Icicle and Tigress, along with two dead bodies.  The bad guys deny killing them and of course the heroic duo doesn’t believe a word, so it’s settled with a brawl.  During the fight though both teams realize that they were led there to claim the same thing.  This was a short but entertaining story which surprised me because I’m not a fan of either character, and I’m actually looking forward to the conclusion in the next issue.

Infinite Speech



  1. Kristin

    LOL@ this part here: “….so I’m willing to give it some time to see if something develops that makes this team stand out besides Power Girl’s costume.”
    Though I think it’s more accurate to say “besides what stands out in Power Girl’s costume.”

  2. infinite speech

    good eye Kristin lol! It’s a team book but it seems like the only “team” being focused on is her double D twins. If this continues then it should just be a Power Girl/Magog book with guest appearences from various DC characters.

  3. billy

    This Magog guy seems cool. I thought he was a villain? Good review Speech.

  4. infinite speech

    Magog is basically DC’s middle finger to the anti hero of the 90s which was Cable. First appearing in Kingdome Come so he was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. I thought the guy was more like a Punisher/Cable hybrid, but he wasn’t a “bad” guy he just didn’t take any crap and resolved his issues like Frank.

    But you may be confusing him with Magog as well.

  5. I’m really liking this book. Sure I’m a fan of Power Girl, but the action is very well done and the art is gorgeous…even when Power Girl isn’t in the panel. And speaking of panels, Williams makes every one look freakin’ brilliant; there’s so much going on and the attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed.

    I can see what you mean about the story though, but it makes sense to me that it’s focusing on PG and Magog right now- there’s no clear leader of the All-Stars, so that issue is being dealt with first.

    …and I think it’s worth $3.99!!

  6. You do? There’s a specific title I pay 2.99 for and I happen to think is much better than this one here and if I had only $5 and had to choose between the two I’d grab SW: Legacy and wait for All Stars Andy

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