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January 9, 2010

Gotta Have It: Figure Edition – SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SERIES 7: LIVEWIRE Action Figure

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Leslie Willis was a popular shock jock in Metropolis, bashing Superman with every broadcast. Depending on your source, either a horrific thunderstorm-related accident during a live public broadcast downtown gave her control over electricity and her wild appearance (TV version), or she was born with those powers and a job loss at her radio station caused her to climb up a radio tower and get struck by lightning to change her look (comic version). Either way, this electrifying supervillianess named Livewire has a thing against the Man of Steel, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring him down.

The Box

Company: DC Direct
Articulation: 10 points
Packaging: Clamshell blister card packaging
Released: July 2009
Where to Buy: Best bet is your local comic shop or online, though other stores do carry it.
Price: List price varies from US $17.99 to $19.99, but lower prices can be found with ease.

Livewire is dressed in a long-sleeved dark navy leotard with her signature lightning bolt cutout extending from her neck to her midriff. Navy thigh-high boots complete the outfit, and translucent blue plastic “electricity” can be attached to her hands to give her that “charged” look. One hand is curled to hold a ball of electricity, while the other has her fingers spread out, palm down, to inflict shocking damage on unwary passers-by. Our white-skinned supervillianess is looking bluer than normal and is sporting her usual spiky-haired look, along with a devilishly gleeful smile on her face. Livewire stands at 6.5” tall, and comes with a black and red Superman/Batman logo base to help keep her upright and ready to cause some mayhem.

High Points: I like the “electricity” that comes with Livewire, as it adds to the overall look. The paint job is pretty good for a figure, too, with nice detail on the face. The sculpt is great, with textured hair, and wrinkles in the costume.

Low Points: I guess I’m just too demanding in that I want my action figures to, well, move. While featuring multiple points of articulation, all of them are stiff with limited movement. Elbows and knees move with too much resistance, and the ball joints of the shoulders and thighs aren’t that great, either. The neck is usual for action figures, just moving side to side, while there is a point of articulation in her torso that I suppose was intended so she could bend forward or back; it sucks, so don’t bother to move it. This is another one mostly for display purposes.

Overall: 4.0 out of 5 – Great looking action figure, but the “action” part needs a little more work. Still, she’s going to look nice in any collection.

Back of the Box

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  1. Billy

    Looks pretty decent. Although I don’t really like how the costume looks all bunched up on the sides. Nice work Kelly.

  2. InfiniteSpeech

    Looks good!

  3. Kelly

    Thanks Billy. I think the costume bunching adds a more realistic look to the figure, though after thinking about it, she has white skin, blue hair, and controls electricity; she doesn’t need to be realistic at all. 🙂

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