January 11, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Siege #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Oliver Coipel
Cover: Oliver Coipel

“Siege pt 1”: Things are about to change in the Marvel Universe yet again, and it begins here in Siege. This event has been built up over the past year and really cranked up as the first five pages of this issue have shown up in just about every Marvel book that hit the shelves these past few months.  However I know there are those that don’t know that Loki and Norman Osborn have found a way to set in motion events that will give them both what they desire. Norman wants to be seen as the savior of the free world and the power that comes with that, and Loki wants Asgard, plain and simple.   The only problem is, Norman doesn’t have permission or a reason to invade Asgard, but that becomes a minor issue when Loki suggests that he and Osborn arrange for a disastrous event like the one in Stamford, but with a higher body count to galvanize support for his invasion.

Enter our patsy, Volstagg, an Asgardian warrior and friend of Thor who while out for an evening horseback ride ends up helping the Chicago Police stop a high speed chase.  Soon after, he’s attacked by the U-Foes as they blast him to the middle of Soldier Field during a game and continue their attack. Well things don’t go too well for Volstagg, and while blocking a blast the power arcs set off a massive explosion killing all in attendance.  This is it folks! Norman’s cue to go balls to the wall and invade Asgard, and no one is going to stop him as he demonstrates by disobeying a direct order from the President and ignoring the advice from Ares!  Though it takes some convincing, Ares decides to fight by Osborn’s side, but warns him that if this is a lie he will cut off Norman’s head.  After a moving call to arms speech from Ares to the H.A.M.M.E.R. agents and super powered beings on the helicarrier, the siege of Asgard begins.  Unknown to Osborn, the guy he’s been searching for, Tony Stark, is in Oklahoma under the care of Dr. Donald Blake (better known as Thor), and when he sees his home of Asgard being attacked by Norman he quickly comes to its aid.

There’s so much about this book that I liked and disliked at the same time, and it’s kind of frustrating. Add to that, Marvel messing up the comeback of Captain America, making the last page of the story read more like “oh, there’s Steve,” instead of something that would make the reader excited at the unexpected appearance of the once dead Captain America.  Now there are no allusions about the similarities between the catalysts of Civil War and Siege. Loki’s idea for this are based on what happened at Stamford, just with a much higher body count, so I’m not faulting the story for this.  I don’t understand why people are upset with this idea; though Stamford was an actual accident this was staged to look like an accident, so there is a slight difference in the circumstances. Now, I would like to know when did a C-List team like the U-Foes get this powerful or even ballsy enough to take on Thor, even if it was at the request of Norman Osborn.  I’m also a little fuzzy on how their aim was accurate enough to blast Volstagg from the highway to the center of Soldier Field.

Bendis’s story is still a good one, though with this being only a four-part tale, I’m a little frustrated with the pacing of this issue. Maybe depending on the next 3 issues I’ll change my mind.   His dialogue is great and provided more satisfaction for me than the action scattered throughout the book.  The artwork of Oliver Coipel is just as good in here as it is in Thor! Yeah I think he draws faces a little weird, but you can’t deny the talent this guy has when it comes to layouts and filling up a page with great visuals.  Regardless of it’s just a page of a ready room meeting or Thor sweeping in to stop Norman, Coipel makes sure you’re going to enjoy every page!

I also enjoyed the “Ares War Plan Transcript” at the end of the book, even though someone at Marvel left part of it out and double printed a page; I think a certain Comic Attack editor needs to go over to the Marvel office and make sure some things get done right!

Norman Osborn:  Asgard is in a position to threaten America and the American way of life.
Hawkeye/Bullseye:  So is McDonald’s. Should we invade them too?

Infinite Speech



  1. Kristin

    That quote between Osborn and Hawkeye is pretty funny.
    Also you know…Steve Rogers has that exact same moment at the end of…Avengers Annual. He just pops up on the last page and you’re like “What the hell?” Reborn isn’t even over yet, is it? Again, this is classic Marvel not being able to control schedules and release dates. I’d accept some mix ups withing a single month, between the weeks…. But for a reveal popping up in books 2 or more months before it does in its own title…. That’s really unacceptable.

    By the way, a double printed page is a weird mistake. There should be some quality control there…. Doesn’t anyone look at the books before they ship them off? That’s a pretty obvious error….
    I wonder if Marvel prints everything in house, or if they have a contract with a professional printer?

  2. billy

    @Speech-Great review man. I feel the same way with this one. TONS of potential though.
    @Kris-Add “Who Will Wield the Shield” to the naughty list to. lol

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    I have Who Will Wield the Shield on my stack and will NOT read it until I read Reborn 6 lol

    Thanks Billy

  4. InfiniteSpeech

    I wonder how much hate mail Bendis is getting for killing off the Bears lol

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