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January 4, 2010

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: Premium Format Emma Frost Figure

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Well, after a rough patch, we are back and hopefully permanently with Gotta Have It! Anyway, to get back on track, we’ll kick off the New Year with one of my favorite characters in statue form, Emma Frost. Sideshow recently released a Premium Format statue of the X-Men’s current heavy-hitting telepath and this girl is pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. So lets take a look at Miss Frost.

Emma Frost was born into a wealthy old Boston mercantile family, the second of three daughters. Once the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and adversary to the X-Men, she currently is co-headmaster in San Fransisco alongside Scott Summers (Cyclops). Her powers include various telepathic abilities and a diamond form, though she can’t use her telepathy in that form.

Manufacturer: Sideshow Inc.

Released: December 2009 (Limited to 750 pieces for the regular version, 500 for the limited edition).

Retail Price: This girl is a little pricey at $249.99, but look around. I got mine for a very sweet pre-order deal and I’m sure they’ll head down in price.

Spects: 21” in height, 12” in wide, and 11” deep. Weighs in at 8 lbs.

Packaging: White box with Emma’s name logo circling the top and images of the statue on all four sides, as well as her story on the back.

Assembly: Emma Frost comes with her lower arms separate that easily slide into the upper arms. Her feet slip smoothly into the base as well, so there was no struggle with her at all. Her cape is vinyl with maneuverable wire that’s tucked in so that when you take her out of the box, just position it with some dramatic flair and you’re good to go!

The statue: Now, many people complained about the cartoony look of Emma in this piece. With bright yellow (not blonde) hair, crystal blue eyes and dark pink lips, she isn’t your normal realistic looking Emma Frost. Me? I personally am glad that this doesn’t look like every other Emma statue I own. I don’t want an army of identical Emma’s! For a PF statue this is a bit questionable, since the Mystique PF was so realistic, but for me, the pose is just too cool and in this scale, makes her look like she’s ruling over all of my other statues (and as the former White Queen, she should be!)

This piece is based off the drawing for the variant cover of X-Men #205 (drawn by J. Scott Campbell), a Messiah Complex tie-in, and the statue covers that look flawlessly while adding a great deal of realism. The pants, cape, and shoes are vinyl while the top, gloves, and collar are painted/sculpted with semi-matte paint. Being that all of her clothing is white, you can’t tell the difference from far away, as it all reflects light the same way. The base of her statue is new, as you don’t see her feet in the art from Mr. Campbell. Sideshow opted to go with a rubble base… because apparently X-Men destroy everything they touch… and because it looks cool to have her perched on a building like she decimated it. The paint job is incredible on this piece. There is absolutly no bleeding on mine whatsoever. The only major flaw is her X-Men belt buckle is skewed to the left instead of stright on.

Other minor things that bother me about this statue is her hips seem huge and her hair and lips are almost too bright; softer colors would have been fine. However, compared to the original art, these colors are dead on, so I really shouldn’t complain too much.

Overall: 4.8 out of 5. The lower score is for the skewed belt buckle. I really adore this statue as it’s far from the norm in terms of Emma Frost. It looks stylized with a hint of elegance that really does her justice in my opinion. But this will be a love or hate for many fans/collectors. And the limited edition is silly. With the LE, you get an extra right hand with Scott’s visor in it, which is sort of cool, but rather useless as she never held the visor in the art work. Personally, I’d rather have the piece closer to the artwork.

Scale reference. Emma and her army of mini-Emmas!

If this seems too cartoon-y for you, be on the look out for Bowen Design’s two Emma Frost statues. The first, Emma in her modern clothing, will be released in April 2010 (price tag $180) with Emma in her White Queen outfit following closely with a May release (price tag $170).

Bowen Designs White Queen. 12" tall

Dee McNamara



  1. Billy

    OOOOOH. The Bowen with Emma in her white undies is really good! I mean, for a statue. 🙂

  2. Emma in White Queen outfit should be labeled as “Emma in her underwear.” Geez….

  3. billy

    @Kris-Yeah really. Not that I’m complaining. Lol

  4. infinite speech

    the statue looks decent by itself but when compared to the drawing by Campbell it looks a little off. The drawing makes emma look curvy and good especially around the waist/hips area however with the statue that same area looks sunken in like she’s missed a meal or 5 or is seriously inhaling.

  5. Eli

    Yep, Emma in her underwear about sums up her career long uniform choices. Not that I’m complaining.

  6. Great review Dee!

    I actually own the Frank Quitely Emma statue and think that one’s pretty big and holy heck the one you’re spotlighting here TOWERS over that one! It’s huge!!

    …and I want both of those statues coming out this year. Wowee Kazzowie they look smokin’!

  7. Dee

    @Andy. Bragger! Lol. That statue is the holy grail I’m searching for. Hopefully, this year I’ll get her so I can put her next to the Kel’s Black Queen and have the Hellfire gals. I’m really excited about the Bowen. The in-progress shots only had Emma, but to also have the White Queen is perfect.

  8. Wait…isn’t that a picture of the Quitely statue in the bottom left hand corner? …so don’t you have it already? lol

  9. Dee

    …For some reason I thought you were talking about the Hughes… I need to stop inhaling my paint.

  10. lol

    …and yes, the Adam Hughes Emma statue is amazing. Have you seen his Catwoman one:


  11. Dee

    I’m on the look out for that one. Already have the Zatanna, WW, and BC, also DYING to get Harley and Power Girl. Hughes can honestly do no wrong.

  12. InfiniteSpeech

    all of the Hughes statues look fantastic!

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