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January 3, 2010

DC Reviews: Green Lantern #49

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ed Benes & Jerry Ordway
Cover: Ed Benes

“Semper Fi”: The events in this title take place right before/during Blackest Night #6, and give a little more explanation regarding the separate adventures of Green Lantern John Stewart and The Atom, Ray Palmer.  Up until now John Stewart hasn’t been seen much since he arrived at the planet Xanshi earlier in Blackest Night. Knowing immediately that there was a problem since the entire planet was encased in black, and from space he could see the insignia of the Black Lanterns on the planet’s surface, John went on to investigate.  Upon finding an abandoned Green Lantern Battery, and after asking his own ring to scan it, it’s revealed to John that it once belonged to former Lantern Driq.  An error in Driq’s ring kept him alive after he had been killed long ago by Sinestro, and now he appears along with a horde of Black Lanterns surrounding John.   John quickly goes on the offensive and brings the fight directly to the enemy without pause; that is until the appearance of his former lover Katma Tui.  She begins to take John down memory lane and reveals to him his failures, trying to open that emotional tie that will allow her or another Black Lantern to take his heart and convert him.  That is a lot easier said than done as John’s response is not quite what is expected, and he realizes that his past words are being twisted in a weak attempt to be used against him.  With that, he forms a platoon of backup with his power ring, and during the battle their motives become clear, so he leaves to get the real Green Lantern Corps.

“The Birth of Nekron” is the second story, with art by Jerry Ordway, showing what happened after Atom and Mera were shrunk down inside of  a Black Lantern’s ring by Black Lantern Jean Loring.  She begins her rant in the form of a mock trial, telling Ray and Mera that as the Guardians sought to protect the Light, the Darkness created Nekron as its guardian.  She also goes on to say that Nekron had saved the resurrected heroes to be used at this time.  Then we get a shot of Deadman navigating his way through the Dark Matter towards the trio, and if you have read Blackest Night #6 then you will know the outcome of that meeting.

For the few that may not know, the Black Lanterns that come back are usually someone close (a relative or lover), and if they can trigger a multitude of emotional responses, then the target’s heart can be ripped and the person then becomes a Black Lantern.  Now Johns has shown John Stewart as one of the most strong willed and determined members of the Green Lantern Corps, as proven by the inability of his former love who is now a Black Lantern to trigger an emotional response other than the one he represents, as this has already been the downfall of several Green Lanterns.  It’s not that he doesn’t care anymore, it’s that he’s accepted what’s happened and moved on.  This was more of a look at the character of John Stewart with the action as a back drop, and made for a damn good story!  Ed Benes dazzles with his work in this issue, though my favorite is the two-page shot of Stewart with his emerald platoon backing him up!  It’s the perfect picture that captures Stewart’s attitude at that point.  The three-page Nekron story should have been a few pages longer in my opinion, then maybe I would have gotten more out of it.  We are treated to a few tidbits of information, but nothing that we couldn’t or didn’t already realize. Though it did make Mera’s ripping out Jean’s tongue a little more relevant after reading this. In regards to the artwork, Ordway does a fine job though like I stated, it was too short to see what he could really do. Oh, and does anyone who read this think that Ordway made Jean look like Gozer from Ghostbusters?

Infinite Speech



  1. billy

    JS is my favorite GL!

  2. infinite speech

    He’s in my top 2 with Kilowog. Hal’s a pansy and Guy is just annoying as hell.

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