January 2, 2010

Zenescope Reviews: Raving About Raven Gregory’s “The Waking”

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The Waking, published by Zenescope Entertainment, is a four issue mini-series that is different than anything I have ever read. It’s written by Raven Gregory who is also the author of the fantastic Wonderland series. The Waking had a lot to live up to following Wonderland, but it did so with flying colors! Not only did The Waking read like a movie, but it also had a unique and catching plot that set it apart from any other detective or zombie stereotype out there. The Zombies are fairly mindless and resemble the typical prototype(s) from Dawn of the Dead and other movies, but there is a single difference: they have a one track mind to revenge their own deaths.

The Waking follows four detectives as they discover zombies coming to life with the only purpose of finding the one who murdered them. The detectives need to figure out how to stop these horrors from existing. The story is not only captivating and leaves you yearning for more, but you find yourself talking aloud trying to guess “who-done-it” and how. There are also some interesting moral questions sewn into this comic. A mystery man with a zombie daughter and their path through this series creates questions on what is right and wrong; should an undead being be left alive because of a parent’s unconditional love? This conflict is my favorite part of the story. Perhaps because I am a mother, but it left me pondering what I would do in that situation. It’s all very intriguing.

What’s interesting about The Waking is that the bad guys are the victims. You can consider this to be the Zombies, who were the victims of murder and are coming back in full force to become the villains. The way I see it though, is that the victims of the Zombies (who were the original villains) are the main “bad guys.” See how confusing this is for the detectives of the comic? Should they let justice run its course naturally, or should they try to stop the zombies from avenging their own deaths?

The element I loved most about this series was getting to know each of the characters. They all spoke according to the personality that Gregory imagined them to have. I felt like I was watching a Law and Order episode with a twist. The art by Vic Drujiniu was also surprisingly realistic for a comic book which added to the movie feel. Here is some preview art from the series:

My only problem with The Waking was that it was too short; I am not fulfilled. I want more! It’s a great story with a great plot and character set up. I am now attached to the characters and want to see where the road takes them. I sincerely hope that this comic expands into at least another mini-series, and I know that any reader will whole-heartedly agree! In my opinion, this comic book is another gold star for Zenescope and Raven Gregory. Look for The Waking in comic shops in February 2010 and be sure to check out my interview with Raven where he gives his own take on the series!

Genelle Andrews

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  1. Sounds very cool Genelle; thanks for taking the time to plug this work for the site. The zombies’ motivation for revenge is what’s drawing me in and I’ll give #1 a shot!

  2. Billy

    Sounds fantastic! Great review and the artwork is great too (especially the girl in the towel)!

  3. infinite speech

    This is one series I can’t wait for!

  4. Decapitated Dan

    Looking forward to checking it out too.

  5. infinite speech

    Picked it up last week and finally got around to it and I’ll say that I’m very much impressed and part one is definitely on the right track. I especially liked the brief introduction to the key players in this story at the end of the book.

    Nice one!

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