September 15, 2009

Doctor Who: Room With a Deja View

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Doctor Who: Room With a Deja Viewdoctordeja2

Writer: Rich Johnston

Artist: Eric J

Colors: Kris Carter

Letters: Neil Uyetake

“Warning: parts of this comic may read better backwards rather than forward.” is a disclaimer you can find on page 1 of Doctor Who: Room with a Deja View. It was right; a good portion of the book reads better backwards than forwards.

This one-shot from IDW is an interesting little comic.  It follows the Doctor trying to figure out a murder case involving a member of the Counter race. The Counters are beings whose flow of time is reversed from the rest of the universe. This task is well suited to the Time Lord, and he unravels this mystery in no time at all.

This one-shot is well written, even though it can get a little confusing and might require a re-read to fully appreciate it. The art isn’t the worst I’ve seen in a comic, but not the best either. I picked this comic up simply because I am a Doctor Who fan. I’m not sure that someone who isn’t a fan of Doctor Who or science fiction would find this comic as enjoyable as I did.

Scott Andrews



  1. I really like the title of this comic.

  2. Princess Powerful

    I really hope those are snails holding guns <3. Lol

  3. Close they are Octopus, Or is it Octopi? Either way they look like an Octopus

  4. The Movie Lady

    I’ve never read a comic backwards before. Seems like that’d be interesting to do.

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