December 28, 2009

No New Comics This Wednesday?

You may have heard that this Wednesday will mark the first time in recent history where new comics will not be released for a week. That’s right; there are NO new comics to be purchased at your LCS (local comic shop) on December 30th 2009.

…well, that’s almost true. The Big Two will have one comic each for fans to check out, and from DC it’s a kick ass issue in the form of Blackest Night #6! Some really shocking things happen in this issue and it’s not to be missed. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who waited the extra week to check it out…internet spoilers will ruin this issue for you if you miss out on this early bird opportunity.

blackest night 6

On the other side of the pond, Marvel will be handing out a bunch of freebies to select retailers. These include a special Origins of Siege one-shot issue, a 2010 calendar, and an Avengers membership card amongst other knick-knacks and doo-dads. My LCS (local comic shop), Collector’s Paradise, is having a huge sale to encourage customers to come into the store. They’re having 40% off all comics on the shelf, giving away free Blackest Night pins with DC purchases, and free copies of The Amazing Spider-Man: Election Day hardcovers with the purchase of any other two Marvel hardcovers. Plus, a secret guest list of Top Cow and Aspen creators will be present to sign books and sell comics directly to the customers. Awesome!


Here’s the official press release from Diamond about why they’re skipping this week:

Diamond Skip Week Advisory: No New Product Shipments Week of December 28; in consideration of UPS’ holiday delivery schedule, and in consultation with retailers and publishers, Diamond will not be shipping product to customers the week of December 28.

“Most of our customers receive their shipments via 1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day UPS, with 3-Day shipments tendered to UPS on Friday,” explained Diamond Vice President of Operations Cindy Fournier. “With Christmas and New Year’s falling on Friday this year, we would not be able to tender product for 3-Day retailers until Monday, December 28. But because there will be no UPS service on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, product which could reach 1-Day and 2-Day retailers on December 30, would not reach our 3-Day UPS customers until January 4. In light of this, and based on conversations with our customers and suppliers, we agreed that a skip week was the fairest, most prudent way to proceed.””

Unfortunately they forgot about all the Christmas money people will be eager to spend the week immediately following the Holiday. Hopefully the early release of Blackest Night #6 and the handful of Marvel incentives, coupled with special LCS events, will be enough to give retailers a little boost before the New Year.

Andy Liegl



  1. billy

    Wow, UPS is off New Years Eve and Day? I only get NYD.

  2. Dont Skip the Skip Week:

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    well a little something is better than nothing! lol My LCS is throwing a little party with plenty of freebies and I hear that this is going on at a lot of stores

  4. @Speech- that’s cool to hear. If you were in LA, I’d strongly suggest stopping by my store!

    : )

  5. Haha, I didn’t even think about the fact that people would have spend Christmas money by then.
    I guess Previews will be late too. They should have been out a week ago. Wonder if they’ll rush orders.

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