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January 4, 2018

IDW Reviews: Transformers vs Visionaries #1

Transformers vs Visionaries #1
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Fico Ossio
Colorist: David Garcia Cruz
Cover: Fico Ossio

When First Strike ended we got a hint at the new players entering IDW’s Hasbroverse with the Visionaries set to make their debut. Now if you have no idea who these characters are don’t worry because Visaggio delivers an easy introduction that makes this a perfect jumping on point for any new reader. Even if you haven’t been following the Transformers much she drops small gems regarding their current situation as well as how the whole Autobot/Decepticon conflict has evolved over the years.

So with the appearance of the Visionaries on Cybertron things have become quite complicated as their magics seems to be dangerous to not only the Transformers themselves but the very planet. However, with everything the Transformers have been through adding the Visionaries to their already stressed situation and limited resources seems to be a breaking point for some. Here is where Visaggio lays out a conflict that runs a little deeper than just the good guys vs bad guys and gives valid reasons for both parties adding more weight to the crossover itself. As the characters are introduced to the readers it’s evident who will go to extremes to see that New Prysmos flourishes at the risk of Cybertron and it’s inhabitants. This is where Visaggio really shines here as she nails the voices of each character and even though both parties are having the same discussion it never feels repetitive. It’s also time Virulina stepped into the spotlight and her role in this issue was a huge one. She does something cruel and just huge but you won’t get spoilers here. Let’s just say that she’s tired of talking and we see a side of her that wouldn’t play out well in an 80s cartoon for kids.

The artwork from Ossio and Cruz is just as great as the story with the redesigns for the Visionaries even better. Virulina and Leoric stand out the most due to the strength of Cruz’s colors and seeing Leoric as a dread wearing Black character makes my inner 80s kid smile! When it comes to the backgrounds they make sure that each location feels different when it comes to Cybertron and New Prysmos even though both are on the same planet. Ossio’s expressive characters don’t end with the humans as the Transformers carry the same amount of quality visual storytelling.

Transformers vs Visionaries is worth your time if you’re a fan of either franchise. Visaggio’s story is a great mix of political intrigue, good vs evil, and magic vs science filled with some great characterization. She even references the all-time classic Transformers: The Animated Movie in a perfectly timed moment. So go ahead and give this one a shot and see how the event plays out for yourself.

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