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January 2, 2018

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 12/27/17

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Written by: Arnab
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B.E.K. #15 (AfterShock)
Infinite Speech: There will always be something scary about little possessed kids and this series has been great because of it.

Black Panther #168 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This story should have had this pacing a while back.

Doomsday Clock #2 (DC)
Arnab: I’m finding this story simultaneously interesting and boring.
Infinite Speech: Okay this is starting to get interesting but I need more than nostalgia tugs to keep me here.

Eternity #3 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: When Divinity began I didn’t expect it to lead to something this fun.

Flash #37 (DC)
Infinite Speech: Not sure what Godspeed’s endgame is here but it might be bad for Flash and the Rogues.

Fu-Jitsu #4 (AfterShock)
Infinite Speech: The quotes got a bit ridiculous but all the action and actual dialogue was worth it.

Kino #2 (Lion Forge)
Infinite Speech: This will not end well if Kino finds out the truth.

Motor Crush #9 (Image)
Infinite Speech: Can’t get enough of how great this series is!

Nightwing: The New Order #5 (DC)
Arnab: I have never disliked Dick Grayson more than in this series. But Lois Lane, is amazing in this.

Phoenix Resurrection #1 (Marvel)
Arnab: Meh. Doesn’t feel exciting yet. The stories a bit cluttered and chaotic.

Spider-Men II #5 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This was such a great looking but uneventful storyline. I feel cheated.

Teen Titans #15 (DC)
Arnab: It’s still a little weird they brought back Alt-Tim back so quickly.
Infinite Speech: I keep telling people that Tim Drake ain’t $#@& and this issue proves it.

X-O Manowar #10 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: An issue without Aric is one of the best in the series and I might even root for the bad guys now.



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