December 24, 2017

Character Spotlight: Godzilla

From the depths of the ocean he arises. Is he here to destroy us all or is he here to fight another threat? Born from the fear and destruction of mankind. Not even the Earth can contain him. Who is he? Godzilla, King of the Monsters. How does such a behemoth of might come into being? Let’s find out!

Some claim that Godzilla was a transformed reptile due to the radiation of nuclear bomb testing, others say he was a prehistoric sea creature mutated by the bombs, and some say he was always Godzilla and the bombs awakened him. No matter the case, the bombs brought him to breach the depths of the ocean and wreak havoc on Earth, predominantly Japan. His massive size made him tower above cities and treat buildings like minor obstacles. He’d leave terror and devastation in his wake, possibly just trying to make sense of this new world he was trapped in just as much as those under his foot. When things got too heated, he’d retreat to the bottom of the seas to recover.

Sometimes other strange giant creatures would attack the surface and Godzilla, maybe viewing a challenge for sport of territory, would arise, ready to do battle. Some of these enemies would become allies as the years went on. Each time a new threat came to trouble the Earth that was just too big for humanity, Godzilla would face it and show why he was King of all monsters. He’d even face off against Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers at one point, fighting to a standstill. Other Godzillas would come into existence, he’d have children, he’d have mecha-dopplegangers, even space equivalents, but none can endure like the O.G. can.

Space aliens, mutated beings, robots, magical beasts, or even giant-sized basketball players, all fought against or with Godzilla and while he may not always win, he’d come back for the next fight, ready to go once more. Even death could not bring a true end to him, he’d destroy the cities of Hell even, the Earth just will not let him go. Where once he may have been a destroyer of worlds, he was now often seen as a hero, protecting those too small from the giants who would crush them.

There you have it! Godzilla has lasted since the 1950s and had many different looks, incarnations, and meanings behind what he is. He still exists to this day, he’s been on all manner of screen, live action and animated. He’s had his hits and his misses but he just keeps coming back for more. He’ll probably outlive us all. See you next time!

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Dr. Bustos



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