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December 10, 2017

Character Spotlight: Throg, Frog of Thunder

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor. So says the inscription on the mighty Mjolnir. The hammer is very picky as to who may lift and brandish its power, but it does not discriminate based on things like gender or species. Worthy is worthy to Mjolnir. Even if that worthy one is a frog. But when is a frog not a frog? Let’s find out!

Thor Odinson
Thor has had some strange adventures in his long life. Once, his brother Loki tricked him into being transformed into a frog. Mjolnir was nowhere near him so he was forced to find refuge with the frogs of Central Park. Here, he’d learn that the peaceful Frog Clan had to deal with the dangerous Rat Gangs who would often attack the poor frogs who were mostly defenseless against the rats. Thor couldn’t stand by, he fought a rat and in the process me Puddlegulp, a kind frog who would take Thor to meet with King Glugwort. Now fully informed of the dangers at hand, Thor would do his best to help Puddlegulp and the others fight off the rat invasion. There is one thing to know about Mjolnir, it can return to its owner from just about anywhere. Even while a frog, Thor could summon Mjolnir to his side and with that, lightning and thunder enveloped the froggy god of thunder and made him The Thunder Frog, Thor would unite the alligators to help stop the rat army from destroying the frog clan. Having saved the day and learning how to break the spell, Thor would leave his new found froggy friends for Asgard. In the process of Mjolnir’s travels a small splinter from the Uru metal fell to the ground, still possessing all the enchantments Mjolnir would have.

Simon Walterson
Simon Walterson was a star athlete in his teen years but an accident while playing would take him out of the game. He’d find new purpose at working with his beloved wife in charities. Sadly, his wife would die due to complications while pregnant with their child. Simon would do anything in his power to talk with her one last time to know she was and their child were doing okay. He found what he was looking for in a witch who let him make peace with his wife and child, unfortunately, Simon could not find any way to pay the witch, so she cursed him to become a frog. This new development wasn’t so upsetting to Simon as he’d felt his old life was done since his wife was gone.

Finding he could communicate with other frogs and similar creatures, Simon would find a new life among the frog clan of Central Park. They’d welcome him and give him a new name more fitting to a frog, Puddlegulp. Protecting his new family, Puddlegulp would take care of them as best he could, even though the growing threat of the rat gangs continue to get worse. A literal godsend would appear when the strange and powerful frog, Thor arrived. Witnessing how Thor could take out rats with ease, Puddlegulp was quick to take him to the king. Thanks to Thor and his magic hammer, the rat gangs couldn’t take over the frog clan and they were free to live as they wished.

Puddlegulp would find a metal splinter that no one else was able to get rid of, he’d pick it up and with a bolt of lightning and crack of thunder both the splinter and Puddlegulp transformed. The splinter became Frogjolnir, the hammer that could only be wielded by the worthy, and Puddlegulp was most definitely worthy for he became Throg, Frog of Thunder. Granted the powers of Thor, Throg was now able to protect more than just the frog clan of Central Park. He’d soon join the Pet Avengers, animal allies of superheroes, in their quest to find and protect the Infinity Gems, they would even face off against Thanos and win. Throg and the others would soon find other reasons to team up even helping Throg deal with his identity as both a frog and human as a hero. They’d even team up with the Avengers to deal with dragons.

There you have it! One of the more bizarre Thor adventures became a bizarre hero, but that’s not even the first time that’s happen with Thor and Mjolnir. The story of Thor turning into a frog has been adapted in animation and mentioned in live action but we’ve never seen the green-skinned hero take up the hammer on the big screen nor have we seen Puddlegulp become Throg on screen. See you next time!

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