December 11, 2017

Lion Forge Reviews: Noble #7

Noble #7
Publisher: Lion Forge
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Roger Robinson
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Cover: Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez

The latest issue of Noble opens with a spectacular action sequence where Thomas introduces us to some brand new characters and continues to expand on the pure greatness that is Astrid Powell. If you’re new to Noble she’s the lady on the cover who has been tearing a path of destruction on the way to rescue her husband and get some truth.

Brandon Thomas hasn’t let his foot off the gas since the first issue and even with this fast pace there is some quality world building here. Astrid’s attempt to rescue David has become much more and even though you’re probably not supposed to trust Lorena Payan she’s quickly becoming a character you can’t get enough of. However, this makes it is hard to find someone to actually root for outside of Astrid and David due to the amount of lies, manipulation, and potential double cross. Dr. Mayes gives off that whole vibe but again Thomas has done so well fleshing out this conflicted character that he might actually want to do the right thing. Though I’d still keep an eye on him like he was Bishop from the movie Juice.

This is an issue with plenty of action and the art team gives it the impact needed to enhance the narrative and just shows off how Astrid is NOT to be messed with! That entire airplane sequence is just insane. From her fight with Simms to the hasty bailout, Robinson and Mounts keep your eyes entertained from panel to panel. However it’s Saida Temofonte’s letters that add that little extra to the freefall scene especially when Jameela decided to pistol whip Astrid. And for believability it was a nice touch to have David finally cut his hair. There was no way he’d be able to wear that helmet comfortably with all that hair. Now there was a scene that was slightly confusing and  it’s not clear how Simms ends up free from Sebastian and back with his own team. One second he’s captured then several panels later he’s not and it’s a bit jarring. Not sure if it’s a narrative issue or more with the art but it will have you scratching your head for a second.

Everything Thomas is bringing here is the very definition of organic and great comic book storytelling. He’s actually delivering that fun superhero action that is reflective of the world outside your window that others claim to be doing. Noble introduces quite the cast of women and POC not as a gimmick or afterthought but as characters with agency at the forefront of one of the best new series you should be reading.


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  1. Klue

    So a friend had this in trade and told me it was pretty good but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet and bought it. That might have to change now.

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