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November 28, 2017

Crisis Of Infinite Reviews 11/22/17

Teen Titans #14
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Khoi Pham
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis & Blond
Letters: Corey Breen
Covers: Dan Mora

In an arc that’s over a little too fast Robin is attempting to bolster the ranks by recruiting Red Arrow as they attempt to save thirty thousand people. Benjamin Percy not only gives us this huge superhero moment but another obstacle for Robin is his relationship with his team. Percy seems to be growing up Damian and that means we get to see him make plenty of mistakes along the way. Depending on how you feel about Damian this might make or break the issue for you. But here we not only get plenty of comic action but Robin and Kid Flash finally have their moment and the payoff was a good one. The only complaint would be having Beast Boy change into a whale to save the people instead of an octopus or squid. Sure we got some comedic dialogue out of it but it’s just a confusing moment. As far as the visuals go Pham once again gives you a Teen Titans issue worth looking at. Dynamic layouts and plenty of great looking moments in them from the art team that should keep you coming back.  Dan Mora’s cover also gets a thumbs up because NO ONE is attempting to stop Kid Flash from punching Robin and most likely resonates with how people feel about Damian. 3.5/5

Flash #35
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson & Michael Moreci
Artist: Pop Mhan
Colorist: Ivan Plascencia
Letters: Steve Wands
Cover: Neil Googe & Ivan Plascencia

Flash hasn’t had a moment’s rest and things don’t look like they be getting easier anytime soon. Meena is back and using the Negative Speed Force to beat down Flash along with Kid Flash. While most of the issue is a huge superhero fight Williamson and Moreci flesh out Meena’s motivations which aren’t anything new to the superhero genre but the execution is done well. Black Hole is still a problem and Williamson won’t let us forget that but another threat is introduced that might be even worse. The art was a hit for the majority of the issue with a nice tonal change when we get to Kris at Iron Heights. 3/5

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