November 27, 2017

AnimeNYC: See you next time space cowboy!

AnimeNYC has come and gone taking over the Jacob Javits Convention Center for a bliss filled three days of anime heaven. From panels on Ramen, film premieres and cosplayers the days were packed with tons of sights and sounds. Lets look back at a few of the highlights.


Gaming had a really good presence at AnimeNYC. Thanks to Otaku Oasis attendees got to try their hand at various plush prizes in their crane game. Fun fact Lin-Manuel Miranda is a pro at crane games. Who would of thought!

Aside from The crane games a whole section of the con floor was dominated by a gaming corner, so from Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering to Settlers of Catan and Risk folks could just pull up a chair and fight to be the king of games.

Next to the table top games if you were up for a little work out there were DDR, Taiko and a bunch of other physically inclined gaming machines.


I ran into one of my local heroes at the con, Shauna Grant of Princess Love Pon. Princess Love Pon is a explosion of the color pink and magic girl antics page after page of the web comic is just as kawaii as the last an I highly recommend hitting up her website for not only the web comic but also more of her art. The inspired web comic is so kawaii!

Another highlight was meeting the family behind Valeza. Valeza is a lifestyle brand what I found interesting were their family dynamics and the meaning behind the company’s name.  Founded by race car driver Darren B, Valeza is a labor of love of Darren and his two brothers in the name of their mom. The brand carries her maiden name and the logo represents her with her “three stars”, her sons, surrounding her.

Finally I can’t do a highlight post without posting about sharing the cosplay of the the amazing cosplayers of AnimeNYC:






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