December 27, 2009

Pop Gun Pulp Comics Previews: Johnny Recon

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Written by: Drew
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Publisher: Pop Gun Pulp Comics
Writer: Scott Dillon
Artist: Mitch Gerads


Last summer Pop Gun Pulp Comics released the first issue of Johnny Recon on a limited-print basis to a handful of comic shops, and it received much praise as the issues flew off the shelves. Now in the works is the second issue of this sci-fi epic, crafted with much love and skill by the team of Scott Dillion and Mitch Gerads.

The artwork on this series is a fantastic treat of eye-popping fun! Check out some of these images:




In order to raise funds for the second issue (as well as help the creative team travel to conventions and produce a reprint of the first issue) the duo has launched a campaign on By donating money to help raise funds for the publishing of Johnny Recon you not only get a copy of the second issue but also one item out of a handful of cool stuff depending on how much you give; including everything from exclusive artwork to the chance to have you (or some one you know) be killed in the second issue!

Here’s wishing them luck and hoping we see more of Johnny Recon very soon! Check them out on their website at

Drew McCabe



  1. This looks awesome Drew! Thanks for spreading the word.

    I know of a few people who I’d like to see appear in the strip…


  2. Thanks for the article,! and especially Mr. McCabe for writing it. Here’s a direct link to our Kickstarter campaign, I really hope people go check it out and do what they can to make JOHNNY RECON a success!


  3. InfiniteSpeech

    WOW!!! and the promo is just fantastic I mean who wouldn’t want to be in a comic book even if it’s to get killed off! Great looking book guys and congrats on it’s success!

  4. billy

    No. 2 looks like a Norman Rockwell! Awesome.

  5. Thanks Infinitespeech, always good to hear!

    Billy, we’ve really stepped up our game with issue No.02 in both the art and the writing, i’m supremely proud of it. Go to kickstarter and get in on the action!

    The best part of doing this book is the ridiculous amounts of fun that we have doing this. It’s quite a special thing.


  6. Comic Fan

    Its not often I get really hooked on a comic book. In my 30 years of collecting only a handful have truly got to me. These are the type of books that you enjoy reading over and over again in a nice quiet spot and you can’t wait for the next issue to come out. You find yourself buying related material to supplement between readings. And you want to possess all the artwork from the comic. These special books all have in common outstanding art, exciting stories that keep you glued to the page, characters you root for and care about and that intangible charm you so rarely see. For me those books include: the B&W Doc Savage Magazine, the B&W Howard the Duck Magazine, Wendy Pini’s ELFQUEST, Steve Niles’ Cal McDonald Comics, Tim Seeley’s HACK SLASH,… and now JOHNNY RECON by Gerads & Dillon. The visually stunning art, that nostalgic mix of modern and retro and the sci fi adventure serial quality makes this book very appealing. I’ve only read issue one and my regret is the wait for subsequent issues. But as we all know, it takes time to produce something this good.

  7. Glad to hear it Comic Fan!! Preach on!

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