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November 16, 2017

It’s Clobberin’ Time: WWE Wrestlers Who Were Inspired By Comic Books

Wrestling and comic books may seem like two completely different aspects that would never cross one another. However, comic books and wrestling may have more in common once you peel back the layers and really give both aspects of entertainment a look. Something about people who are strong settling all their disagreements with each other by fighting in costumes seems to resonate with the public. In essence, wrestling and comics are both long-form soap operas, where you have to tune in next time to catch the end (or maybe just the next twist?) in your favorite storylines. Wrestlers also just seem to like comic books. Whether it is for their ring gear attire, gimmick, or style, comic books and comic book characters have had an impact in sports entertainment. Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss, and CM Punk are just a few of the wrestling nerds who grabbed inspiration from the colorful pages of comics. Take a look at the video below to see more WWE wrestlers who were Inspired by Comic Books.

Thank you all for checking out the video, and let me know what you are thinking. Are their any other people in the wrestling industry you can name who may have been inspired by the funny books? Raven, Vader, Bray Wyatt? I’m sure there are more, and there will continue to be more comic book influenced characters in the near future.

Nile Fortner




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