November 14, 2017

The Comics Console: Hands on with Nintendo Switch Mantis Burn Racing

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Written by: Kaos Blac
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So I got a hands on demo of VooFoo Studios’s Mantis Burn Racing and the game is pretty good. The controls have a bit of a learning curve, that is upgrade-able further along in the game, but it’s all together a fun experience. Beside the get to the finish line straight forward racing there are also the Battle Cars mode. This is where you can take out your pent up aggression, I’m looking at you NYC traffic, and blast your way through the course in your supped up vehicles racking up points till you get to the end of the race.

During my play through we used the switch in handheld mode which is great for playing on the go. The game also supports 4 player local play and 8 player online play. The game is locked at 30fsp with four player local play and varies from 30 to 60 fps with 2 player. Oh and yeah there is a funky unique 2 player mode on the switch which I love. It really reminds me of one of those old school table top game machines and fits the top down approach to this game. Another nice perk is that there is cross platform play so you can play against players on Steam and on XBox One.

Although I didn’t get to play on a larger screen the game runs smooth and looks great and there are surely more fun features to get into on a long play through. The great thing about the Nintendo Switch version of the game is that its the definitive version of the game and comes included with all the bells and whistles DLC all in one pack ready to dig into.  I would defiantly get this over the holidays for the Nintendo Switch as lean mean counter point to Mario Kart. You can check the Nintendo Switch e-shop to download the game and get in gear.


Kaos Blac



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