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November 5, 2017

Character Spotlight: Simon Baz

Sometimes you must grow up to live without fear or else the world will crush. Simon Baz is one such individual, though he made many poor choices throughout his life, a ring from outer space gave him another chance to make things right. Who is Simon Baz, though? What’s this about a space ring? Let’s find out!

Simon Baz is a Lebanese-American Muslim who had to grow up in a post-9-11 world that had many bigots who saw him as a threat. Growing up, he learned to fight protecting his sister and himself from would-be attackers. He’d graduate with a degree in engineering but the economic crisis would cause him to lose the job he had at a car factory. Forced to make ends meet, Simon took to illegal street racing. Though it was dangerous, Simon was making good money, until he’d end up in an accident putting his brother-in-law in a coma. This would make Simon distance himself from his sister and seek out other employment.

Stealing cars also proved lucrative until a┬ávan he stole he’d find was filled with explosives rigged to go off very soon. He’d take the van to the abandoned factory that he once worked at, knowing it would be safely empty. The explosion was seen as a terrorist act and Simon be taken away for questioning. While being held, a Green Lantern ring flew into the room Simon was being held and was deemed worthy of the ring and the ring took him away. Unknown to Simon at the time, the ring was a collaborative effort of Hal Jordan and Sinestro to find someone to help them. The Justice League would hear of Simon’s superpowered escape and find him. Unfortunately, since Sinestro had a hand in making this new ring, the ring reacted with violence towards the Justice League, making Simon look like he was in control of the attack.

Running away from the fight, Simon goes to his sister to reconcile. He is soon met by a fellow Green Lantern, B’dg, who is looking for Hal Jordan. Simon’s ring relays a message from Jordan and Sinestro how they are in hiding due to the Guardians of Oa attempting to destroy the Green Lantern Corps to make way for their new Third Army. Now that he has a Green Lantern to teach him, Simon heals his brother-in-law from his coma, though he still carries a gun with him since he’d been using it to defend himself when he didn’t have quite the handle on the ring yet.

Finding that Hal Jordan and Sinestro have been trapped in the Dead Zone, Simon is able to find out he was chosen because is most like Sinestro in personality which bothers him to learn that. Simon is able to break free after Sinestro does and help stop the First Lantern from destroying the Lantern Corps. Simon even becomes a White Lantern for a brief time. When he returns to Earth he attempts to clear his name by joining Amanda Waller’s Justice League team. Hal Jordan has to go offworld for a time and sets up Simon to have to work with new recruit Jessica Cruz with a joint Lantern they must be in close proximity of one another to recharge.

There you have it! Simon Baz is another of Earth’s new proud tradition of having many co-current Green Lanterns at once. He’s one of the few where wearing his mask is necessary so he doesn’t have the world learn of his criminal past, as unfair as it is. He’s made quite the name for himself in the short time he’s had his ring. This also means he hasn’t had a chance to be animated or put on the big or small screen yet. Perhaps some day we’ll see him light up his ring on the screen. Screen Lantern. See you next time!

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