November 6, 2017

Marvel Reviews: Spider-Man #234

Spider-Man #234
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Oscar Bazaldua
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Cover: Patrick Brown

With the Marvel Legacy launch comes a new direction for Spider-Man and it was just in time because the previous storyline was dragging as Miles was finding himself. Again. Hopefully we won’t have to sit through one of those arcs again for quite some time.

Now Bendis starts anew with the introduction of a mysterious character who wants to get the band back together and by band I mean the Sinister Six as you can plainly see by the cover. This is the part of the issue where Bendis really shines in my opinion due to the character reveal during the story. This will also give the conflict a little more weight than just random criminals causing havoc and Spidey coming to save the day. We also get to see Fabio aka Gold Balls settle his issues with Miles which was nice but it still felt a bit weak. Maybe it’s because Fabio still seems out of place here and hasn’t really been given a role to play in Miles’ world. Hopefully that changes soon but it’s been quite a while already. However, the story really does shine during the villain segments and since they carry most of the issue everything else fills like filler.

Oscar Bazaldua and Justin Ponsor bring some great visuals to the issue and the opening spread helps tie in the overall story with these villains coming together. The various costumes in Ceres’ workshop off some nice “ooh ahh” moments right before we get to the new Iron Spider suit. Not sure who is responsible for the slight redesign but if it’s Bazaldua then kudos to him. From the color change to the new spider symbol this suit looks like the new hotness! Bazaldua also

An overall solid issue and one you should pick up if you’ve been waiting for Miles’ Spidey to improve. The reveal is the big payoff here and it’s a character I’ve been waiting to see again since Secret Wars ended and certain universes ceased to exist. Plus you get a nice recap at the end to familiarize you with Miles by Robbie Thompson and drawn by Valerio Schiti and Jesus Aburtov.


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