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October 29, 2017

Character Spotlight: Death Locket

The nightmare reality of being a Deathlok has been established if you’ve read the stories of Deathlok we’ve covered here on Character Spotlight. Now imagine all that horror mixed with being a teenager, too scary. This is the situation Rebecca Ryker finds herself in but she does her best to make the most of it. Is she successful? Let’s find out!

Rebecca “Becca” Ryker was a good student, beloved daughter and big sister. Unfortunately, her dad is Harlan Ryker, the head of the Deathlok project. Naturally, a bunch of weird dimensional traveling assassins came to put a stop to her dad. They missed. Instead, Becca, her mother, and brother, we’re hit. Becca’s dad would attempt to use his skills and knowledge of cybernetics to save their lives. Becca was the only one to live through the process. S.H.I.E.L.D. would arrive and arrest her father and take her to a hospital to continue recovering. Her bizarre new life had just begun.

Disappearing from the hospital without a trace. Transported by the villain, Arcade, Becca would find herself in a battlefield free-for-all with other superpowered teens. She’d watch as people she’d never met before died by the machinations of Arcade or by each other’s hands. She’d also receive her codename of Death Locket due to a misreading of someone calling her Deathlok-ette. She’d find new friends and even find love but this was a death match and love could not last. She and those friends who survived would break free and eventually find Arcade and one of her friends would exact revenge for what he did to them.

Arrested with the others for the murder of Arcade, Becca and friends would run away with Baron Zemo to join his Young Masters of Evil. Little did Zemo know, Becca and company were going to be double agents. Becca would fit in well with training and even find a new love interest. When it came time to betray the Young Masters, Becca would end up running off with them, not sure of where her allegiances aligned anymore.

There you have it! Poor Becca doesn’t know whether she can be a hero or if she’s better off at villainy. I hope she finds her way again and her friends can begin to forgive. She has yet to make any appearances on the big or small screen but hopefully one day she’ll make her premiere. See you next time!

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