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October 26, 2017

The Comics Console: Freddy goes Dead by Daylight with the “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Starbreeze Publishing together with Behaviour Digital are today releasing the iconic character Freddy Krueger as a killer in the asymmetrical horror smash-hit Dead by Daylight. A Nightmare on Elm Street™ is a classic tale of horror where players get to wield Freddy Krueger’s classic glove and claw as a primary weapon. Freddy’s new power, “Dream Demon” will play a trick on Survivors as they fall asleep and becomes trapped in Freddy’s never-ending Nightmare. Quentin Smith is the Chapter’s new Survivor – a young man with an urge to stay awake as he knows what happens if he goes to bed – pills and energy drinks are frequently consumed to avoid death. Freddy and Quentin will fight it out at Badham Preschool – the place where Freddy was shaped into the revenge seeking Killer he is now, and the place where Quentin faces true terror.
“Freddy is in the unholy trinity of horror, we’re proud and thrilled to welcome him in the Dead by Daylight universe! A murderer that hunts you in your dream using your worst nightmares, let’s face it, it doesn’t get much terrifying than that! At the Studio, we’re pretty much all fond of Freddy’s cheeky humor and creepy personality. I used to have nightmares about Freddy when I was a kid, he always had a special place in my heart…the bastard.” – Dead By Daylight – A Nightmare on Elm Street

“For the nightmare chapter, we created a new Suburban map in Springwood. Rather than going for a pure suburban location, which could have been too similar to Haddonfield’s Lampkin Lane, we’ve built Badham Preschool which is a very iconic and disturbing place. The preschool is a giant landmark in the middle of the map and differs in the fact that it has classes on the ground floor and a boiler room in the basement. Note that on top of the new location, the team has developed the Dream World for all existing maps. When the survivors fall asleep, they get transported to the Dream World in which Freddy can catch them.”  – Dead By Daylight – A Nightmare on Elm Street

“Whoever or whatever gave Freddy the ability to dodge death should have warned him of higher forces that might take interest in him, or rather an interest in using him. Freddy is taken by The Entity while he’s pursuing Quentin in a dream. The Entity took and twisted his power to serve its dark goal, whatever that is. Quentin and the Nightmarish Badham Preschool were taken at the same time in one clean sweep. Freddy is probably not too happy to be trapped in this nightmare which he cannot control completely, and there’s no Nancy to get his hand unto. But the continuous stream of fresh preys is without a doubt the top perk of being trapped in The Realm of The Entity.”  – Dead By Daylight – A Nightmare on Elm Street
The new Chapter will be available for $6.99 on PC through Steam and other digital distribution channels starting today, and will soon be made available on XBOX One and PlayStation 4®.
Dead by Daylight is out now and available on Steam here.



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