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October 21, 2017

Image Reviews: Motor Crush #7

Motor Crush #7
Publisher: Image
Writer(s): Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Babs Tarr
Colorist: Heather Danforth
Cover: Babs Tarr

Domino has been gone for two years but it’s only felt like moments to her. However, during that time gap things have changed in Nova Honda and unfortunately for her not for the better. Especially since the last time she was seen it was during a very public fight over the mysterious illegal substance known as Crush.

The creative team wastes no time in making the city of Nova Honda feel different as two cops shake down former crush dealers in a tense sequence that becomes darker when the Enforcers arrive. It’s just a great opening sequence that delivers a surprise for the readers. Speaking of surprises, Domino gets a harsh reality check when she sees that Lola has a new…friend. Not only do we get more strong characterization along the way but there’s a kind of rebuilding of the world here that prepares you for the next few pages. It’s just great pacing and reveals as our main cast reunites.

What more can be said about the art here that hasn’t been said already? Babs Tarr has been killing it since issue one and along with Heather Danforth’s colors this is just another stunning display of visual storytelling. As bright and colorful as the book is, Tarr has no problem delivering very dark and ominous moments through her characters and still delivers that kinetic energy when it’s called for. Danforth adds the necessary kick and keeps the momentum going as the various moods change. It’s also cool that she gives Lola’s hair a kind of glow effect making her stand out even more than she already does.

This is a nice reentry point for those who have been keeping up with the story so far. Though if you’re giving this a try for the first time some of the weight of what’s going on might be lost on you even after reading the helpful recap on the inside cover. Either way I suggest picking this issue up and getting into the story of Motor Crush.

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