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October 20, 2017

AfterShock Reivews: Fu Jitsu #1

Fu Jitsu #1
Publisher: AfterShock
Writer: Jai Nitz
Artist: Wesley St. Claire
Cover: Wesley St. Claire

I’m a martial arts fanatic so when I saw the solicit for AfterShock’s newest title and the creative team behind it there was no doubt I’d be adding it to my read pile for now. So was this venture into the unknown worth it? Let’s find out!

First off, Fu Jitsu ended up being nothing like I expected and everything I wanted it to be in this crazy first issue. Nitz introduces the main character after he’s emerging from a three year self imposed path to enlightenment. After spending some time with Fu Jitsu (yep that’s his name) we meet our villain and two of the most clueless henchmen to ever hench. And while Nitz provides some brief comedic moments he establishes that our main villain is not to be underestimated and that the threat is quite dangerous. Though our hero isn’t to be slept on either as Nitz reveals some pretty impressive abilities while fleshing out the character and some supporting cast.

Wesley St. Claire’s artwork keeps the visual storytelling exciting and the narrative moving along quite nicely. The action sequences are impressive as we get to see that Fu’s style of Kung Fu isn’t your average Shaolin style and he’s taken it to several levels above the next. Though as great as these panels are it was the sequence where we learn about he atomic katana that really stands out mainly because of the use of the colors and the visceral feel of a couple of the panels.

Fu Jitsu gets my vote as a comic you should be checking out if you need a break from the capes and tights and just want to enjoy some martial arts fun. I’ll also add that Nitz has created a character that loves Whataburger as much as I do and I can definitely get on board with that!

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