October 18, 2017

Black Crown Reviews: Kid Lobotomy #1

Kid Lobotomy #1
Publisher: Black Crown
Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Tess Fowler
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Cover: Tess Fowler & Tamra Bonvillain

What is Kid Lobotomy? It’s that weird, funky, dark fantasy story that you didn’t know you wanted to read and by the time you figured it out it’s too late because the story already has you! At least that what is was for me and one of the reason’s this new title from IDW’s Black Crown imprint will be added to my pull list.

Peter Milligan wastes no time introducing you to the weirdness as we meet our protagonist, Kid performing New Lobotomy using the Burroughs Method. Though here it’s applied to surgery as opposed to writing and makes for one of the best introductory sequences in this week’s comics. Kid himself is a tortured soul and Milligan keeps you guessing as to what’s real and what isn’t as he takes us through the halls of The Suites. What we do know is real is that Kid’s sister, Rosebud is not happy with her father’s decision to put Kid in charge and she’s looking to take what she feels is hers. Milligan shows that she’s not above murder, manipulation, and…whatever else it takes to further mess with Kid’s mental state. Something that Milligan plays with that helps to push the boundaries of reality here.

Tess Fowler brings this macabre world to life and with the color assist from Lee Loughridge there’s not one panel that doesn’t enhance the mood and tone of the narrative. One reason is because Fowler fills the panel with so much eye candy and small details that you’ll spend quite a bit of time enjoying the interactions taking place in the backgrounds. The opening sequence benefits heavily from this and is as strong as it is thanks to the art team making it weird and just visually striking. The character designs themselves are also rich and there’s not a bad one in the group. From the shapeshifters to the floating fish and giant cockroaches Fowler and Loughridge make sure to keep your eyes entertained.

Kid Lobotomy impresses with its first issue and blends a certain type of wild unpredictability that many readers will be drawn to. It’s definitely not for everyone but it is worth a look to see if it’s for you.

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