September 27, 2017

Marvel Reviews: Spider-Men II #3

Spider-Men II #3
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Cover: Sara Pichelli & Morry Hollowell

WARNING!: If you haven’t read this issue yet just know that there be spoilers ahead!

So after all of the build up and anticipation over the years about this other Miles Morales we finally get the reveal we’ve been waiting for. However, we could have probably waited a bit longer because it wasn’t anything too groundbreaking or exciting as far as reveals go. You see, the Miles Morales of the 616 (is it still called that?) is or was a criminal who by way of some noble choices ended up in jail where he met Wilson Fisk. He’s not yet the Kingpin of New York but he’s still a force to be reckoned with and with the help of Miles the begin to start a small empire of their own.

Now the reveal itself was a letdown because it just affirmed my assumptions after seeing the build up around 616 Miles in the first two issues. Now it’s not that the story wasn’t written well but it seriously offered nothing after the years of waiting to see who this guy is. So after about five pages into the story and it’s confirmed I was already tired of charming Black criminal Miles. Yes that’s who the only other Black guy is because he couldn’t have been anything else and find his way into Wilson Fisk’s good graces. Bendis has done better than that but this feels like such a let down. It also feels more like a Kingpin story as well. So the character who the book SHOULD be about falls to the wayside and becomes a background player in his own story. All of the exciting moments are centered around Fisk and center on his narrative while Morales is there as window dressing which just disappoints.

At least the dynamic art duo of Pichelli and Ponsor deliver on fine visual storytelling from start to finish. Fisk’s introduction at Ryker’s Island was a bloody display and reminds us that when he needs to get his hands (or mouth) bloody he’ll get the job done. The dinner sequence is one that moves quite well and Pichelli’s expressions are strong enough that some of the dialogue probably wasn’t necessary. Ponsor brings out everything needed to enhance the moments with the fight in the shower and the “Ring Kiss” being two huge standouts.

So if you wanted to finally get the scoop on the new 616 Miles Morales get ready for a well drawn Kingpin story instead.

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