September 8, 2017

Top Cow Reviews: Postal #22

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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Postal #22
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Isaac Goodhart
Colorist: K. Michael Russell
Cover: Isaac Goodhart

The body count is rising and the safe haven that was Eden might not be for much longer. But who are we kidding? It hasn’t been safe for a while now and it looks as if the creative team is building towards something dark, violent, and bloody when it’s all said and done.

Series artist, Isaac Goodhart kills it once again with colorist K. Michael Russell. From the small, quite moments to the faster paced sequences Goodhart keeps you invested in the story. He nails the emotion needed in each character when things get tense and delivers a satisfying action sequence that ends with a missing face and a lonely eyeball in a pool of blood and brain bits. Letterer, Troy Peteri also helps to kick this scene up a notch and had me going back over it several times. I also enjoyed how nonchalant Magnum looks throughout the issue regardless of what’s going on. He looks like a man that might be enjoying his last days as best he can.  Now Russell’s colors have helped to enhance many a pages in this series but the last one in this issue is one of my favorites as that single light hits Laura and illuminates her and what’s in the room. Immediately the song Weapon World by Kool Keith comes to mind and it’s just a great visual image to end the issue on.

One thing I’m loving about Hill’s narrative here is that it actually feels like the calm before one very big storm. Even though his version of “calm” in Eden is a few dead bodies and a double cross. This is what happens when characters like Laura Shiffron kill an FBI director and is preparing for war on two fronts. Hill continues to masterfully direct everything with some great dialogue and motivations for the cast. The build up to all of this is something that’s been executed well and depending on how long you’ve been with series you’ll start to notice certain plot aspects coming together. His sequence with Agent Bremble and Isaac was a tense moment and it may surprise some readers who thought that Bremble had chosen a side. It’s also great to see Maggie directly stand up to Laura instead of behind a ski mask. But it’s Hill’s evolution of Mark and Maggie’s relationship and his own character growth that has been one of the highlights of the series. It’s something that makes that cover so important as well.

We have no idea how this is going to go down and I’m glad Hill is still keeping readers on their toes after 22 issues with these characters. All we do know is that war is coming to Eden and not everyone is going to be alive when it’s over. Just know that it’s bout to go down.


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