August 11, 2017

Indie Reviews: Irrational Numbers: Addition

Irrational Numbers: Addition
Publisher: Wunderman Comics
Writer: Hannibal Tabu
Artist: Giancarlo Caracuzzo
Colorist: Flavia Caracuzzo
Letters: Josephine Roberts

I miss going into a comic not knowing what to expect. With only a cover image to hint at what might be in the pages and where the story might take you was part of the joy of comics. This was definitely the case with Irrational Numbers: Addition. After seeing the cover I had no idea what I’d be getting into so it was time to dive all in. With Irrational Numbers: Addition we get the makings of a horror story involving vampires that is centered around the most unlikeliest of historical figures, Pythagoras. The philosopher responsible for the Pythagorean theorem which led to countless homework assignments the world over many years later.

There’s a lot to digest here as Tabu helps to lay the ground work for the Irrational Numbers mini-series. However, he tells the story with such finesse and depth that once you’re pulled into the rich history here that the story will be hard to put down. Mainly because unlike some prelude or zero issues in comics this one is actually worth reading and doesn’t come off as just a few pages of filler. There’s so much detail in the writing and world building that shows Tabu knows his subject matter beyond just a general understanding. He also gives you very solid characters to follow as events go from the normal to supernatural with very dark results. Which you might be able to assume would happen from the bloodied face of the vampyr on the cover.

The art from Giancarlo Caracuzzo ends up syncing almost perfectly with the narrative and keeps a great pace from start to finish. Flavia’s colors enhance the visuals and give the supernatural scenes the kick needed to stand out as well as they do. It’s also Robert’s lettering that adds weight to these scenes and give certain characters that booming ethereal “voice” as you read.

Irrational Numbers: Addition is the vampire tale you didn’t know you wanted from a creative team that makes this worth your time. They also make sure to leave you with a cliffhanger that demands you come back to the main series and see where all of this is leading to!


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  1. Iron_Matt

    Probably the strangest vampire book I’ve heard but sounds interesting. Not real big on horror titles though.

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