August 1, 2017

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 07/26/17

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Written by: Arnab
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Action Comics #984 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. I upgraded the score as the entire arc was good, but this ending was sub-par. Villain team-up under-utilized.
NickZ: Talk about a huge build up to a lame ending! This entire story was just a big set up for a likely Super Family War later on.

All-Star Batman #12 (DC)
NickZ: You know things are bad when Alfred goes all “Dad Mode” on Batman!
Infinite Speech: I’m down to read more Alfred Pennyworth: Badass stories!

Batgirl #13 (DC)
NickZ: What a wasted use of Catwoman.

Batman the Shadow #4 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. Batman & Shadow seem a natural team-up; Joker & Stag, less so, which is what makes this so fun.
NickZ: This is a crazy good Batman story! If you’re not currently reading it, you need to correct that!

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #5 (Marvel)
NickZ: I used to like both of the Scarlet Spiders but I’m not feeling either of them or this book, anymore.

Black Panther #16 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech
: Gonna need things to pick back up to some superhero action and less political drama.

Blue Beetle #11 (DC)
: 3/5 stars. Average. Jaime is back with the scarab, & it doesn’t look like we’re ever going to get Ted Kord in action.

Cable #3 (Marvel)
Arnab: It’s taking much too long for this story to reveal the bad guy Cable is chasing through time is Stryfe.
NickZ: Gotta hand it to the creative team, it really takes some effort to make Cable this dull.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #24 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech
: He EMAILED Eli? This makes the Patriot change even more problematic now.

Deadpool #34 (Marvel)
: First Coulson and now Preston? I really don’t see how Deadpool can come back from this.

Destroyer #3 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech
: This issue is where we see why Dr. Baker became so dangerous! I suggest you read this series.

Detective Comics #961 (DC)
This series is really stepping up its game, which is saying something, cuz it’s been good for ages.
: 4/5 stars. For me, the real draw of this is the Batman/Zatanna back-story, including an unexpected villain cameo.
NickZ: Can we get more of young Bruce and Zatanna? Also, if you weren’t convinced that the 90’s are back, just look at the final page of this book.

Doom Patrol #7 (DC)
: Doom Patrol stories are bat s*** crazy and I can’t get enough of them!

Edge of Venomverse #3 (Marvel)
: This is my favorite alt-Venom yet! Definitely reminds me of the “Spirits of Venom” crossover from the 90’s, that I loved!

Faith and the Future Force #1 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech
: Wow! Everything about this issue was great from start to finish! Houser even had me choked up a bit when that thing happened that shouldn’t have happened!

Flash #27 (DC)
Infinite Speech
: Iris has had enough of Barry’s lies and Reverse Flash gets what he deserves.
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. Art-wise, this looks good, but Reverse Flash’s motivations are so lackluster. Time for some non-speedster villains.

Iceman #3 (Marvel)
I can’t believe it’s taken Iceman this long to get his own series, but if it meant being this good, I guess it’s ok.
: I’m glad Iceman is finally growing up, facing his parents, his sexuality, and his mutant powers head on!

Infamous Iron Man #10 (Marvel)
: Doctor Doom is one of the most dynamic characters in comics and this issue demonstrates that perfectly!

Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal #5 (Archaia)
Infinite Speech
: A fantastic series that captures everything about the original movie and brings that magic to a new audience in this sequel!

Justice League of America #11 (DC)
: As this series starts focusing more and more on the team’s inner turmoil, so too does the quality increase little by little.

Kamandi Challenge #7 (DC)
: 4/5 stars. Totally fun story with action, humor, & a sly wink from @EvilMarguerite at the lack of female characters.

Occupy Avengers #9 (Marvel)
: Having the team continue to fight for the little guy against unimaginable odds, until the very end was perfect!

Outcast #29 (Image)
: Team Outcast are kicking ass and taking names and it’s about damn time!

Postal #21 (Top Cow)
: In a town made up of some of the worst criminals, Laura Shiffron is the most terrifying, badass of them all!
Infinite Speech: Every issue leaves my jaw on the floor!

Saga #45 (Image)
A story is good, when you can be afraid of missing a character who doesn’t really exist.
: You know a book is great when you love every single character in it!

Secret Empire #7 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech
: Well Sharon, you tried.
NickZ: Soon there will be no Avengers left at the rate they are killing each other.

Sons of the Devil #14 (Image)
: A super creepy thriller with great characterization! I highly recommend the trade if you missed out on this series!

Teen Titans #10 (DC)
Infinite Speech
: Definitely liking Khori taking the leadership role and that Black Manta doesn’t care that his son is gay.
Martin: 4/5 stars. Background on Jackson’s character, and some much-needed depth on Starfire, who looks poised to take over.
NickZ: YAAS Kori! Please take over leadership of the team from that little pipsqueak!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #72 (IDW)
It’s mutants vs gods in this fantastic new approach to a pantheon with too much power.
Infinite Speech
: IDW deserves a standing ovation for keeping the TMNT comics some of the best on the shelf since the first issue!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Yosagi Yojimbo #1 (IDW/Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech
: This was fun. Very predictable but fun.

Wayward #22 (Image)
: We finally learn the truth of Rori’s origin and purpose, just in time for her to start carrying it out.
Infinite Speech: Rori gets a kick in the gut about her family and we learn how vicious mermaids really are!

Weapon X #6 (Marvel)
: The weapon X gang learn first hand how a millennial in the crew can screw everything up! *coughAmadeusChocough*

Wonder Woman #27 (DC)
: 3/5 stars. Unfortunately this is a bit of a disjointed mess in terms of pacing & plotting, with a rushed forced ending.

X-Men Blue #8 (Marvel)
: Emma gets more bat s*** crazy with every new appearance. I was pleasantly surprised by the return of two old X-Men allies.

X-O Manowar #5 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech
: Aric finally joins with the armor in another stellar issue that you should be reading!



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