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July 30, 2017

Character Spotlight: Green Hornet

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Most heroes have secret identities but few have even their status as a hero kept just as secret. Green Hornet uses an extra layer of deception to aide in his war on crime. How and why does a hero take on the role of a villain to take on the criminal underworld? Let’s find out!

Britt Reid is a wealthy socialite who owns one of the most successful newspapers in the world. Dedicated to journalistic integrity and philanthropy he is know the world over as a good as any rich, white man can be. If the world could learn of its secret history of masked heroes they’d even learn Brittle is the descendant of the Lone Ranger, hero of the old west. Few know this, much like how few know Britt Reid is also the masked vigilante, the Green Hornet.

The Green Hornet is viewed by many to be a dangerous masked criminal mastermind who is assisted by his masked driver and their danger us car. Known for wiping out any criminal figures who would take over his territory, it’s actually a clever ruse. Using the misperception that he is a villain, Britt uses this reputation to get closer to mob bosses and gangs alike to get close enough so he can take them down, not for his own criminal empire but to keep the streets safe for the people.

Being seen as a villain means the police, citizenry and most heroes will turn away from aiding him so thankfully Britt has the most skillful person on the planet, Kato, by his side. Kato is the right-hand man to both Britt Reid and Green Hornet with mostly a domino mask and cap separating the two. Kato is a skilled fighter, driver, and engineer, able to fight many opponents at once, out maneuver and outpace in deadly car chases, and even repair and adapt the Black Beauty when needed.

The Black Beauty is the car that gets Green Hornet and Kato to where they need to be and join the fight when necessary. Effectively a tank in luxury car clothing, the Black Beauty can go completely silent while going at any speed as it takes all manner of attacks head on. One of the more noticeable markings of the car are its green headlights which makes it very hard to notice it until it’s barreling upon you. Thanks to special filtering in the windshield, those inside can see perfectly fine while those outside strain to see or hear it.

Making sure he can interrogate enemies or just incapacitate them without worry of severe injury to them, Britt uses a special gas gun. The gun allows him to one-shot most targets with its knock-out gas. The gun allows Britt to be less lethal than the average criminal but makes up for it with its intimidation factor. Often taking the knock-out through gas route while Kato took people down the old-fashioned way, it was known that the Green Hornet was not afraid of violence.

Unlike his ancestor, the Lone Ranger, Britt seemed to be able to make a legacy with the Green Hornet. As time went on, others would step not only into the role of Green Hornet but as Kato as well. Future generations would fear and dread the Black Beauty and the effects of the gas gun as the Green Hornet would maintain their control on crime.

There you have it! The Green Hornet is one of the longest running heroes in media. From radio, TV, comics, and film, the hat mask of the Green Hornet has appeared. The 60s cemented that while Green Hornet may be neat, Kato was the star, being played by Bruce Lee. Will we see the Green Hornet return to the screen in the future? Time will tell! See you next time!

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