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July 16, 2017

Character Spotlight: The Tick

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Spoon! A war cry for the ages, The Tick punched his way into comic book superherodom and never left. ¬†Even though other heroes probably wish he would. He’s here to stay though and even has a new show on the horizon. So who is this strange man and why is he blue? Let’s find out!

Very little is know of what the true original are for The Tick, he doesn’t even remember much of his past let alone earlier in the day. Some versions have him being an escaped patient from a mental hospital. Others have him passing his Hero Initiation Testing and some have him just mysteriously appear protecting a bus stop. In all stories though, he always ends up in The City, a metropolis filled with heroes and villains.

Possessing the proportionate strength, durability, and speed of a tick, The Tick often crashes his way through crime fighting. His powers and cheery demeanor make him easy to befriend in the hero community and an awkward thorn in the side of villainy. A constant ally to The Tick is Arthur, a man who has moth like wings that allow him to fly, kinda. The two work well together with Arthur helping The Tick deal with everyday life and superheroics.

Just as The City is filled with heroes, so is the grimy underbelly covered in villains. Chair face Chippendale, Apocalypse Cow, and other dangerous and strange villains often find themselves dealing with the headache of Justice that is The Tick. Most of these villains are just as strange as The Tick is but with loft goals as writing their names on the moon.

When not committing to heroics, The Tick dons a business suit and hat over his bright blue costume and tried to be an average citizen. Like most things he attempts to do that don’t involve breaking something, it’s a bit of a mess. It doesn’t help that his cowl with its attenae are still visible when he wears his costume. Thankfully, no problem lasts long around The Tick thanks to his optimism, sure, maybe the problem morphs into a bigger problem butnstill, the point stands.

There you have it! The Tick started humbly as the mascot of a comic shop newsletter, where he his costume was brown until the blue made him pop out more. Now he’s a character that has had an animated series and two live action series. Where will he show up next? We’llhave to wait and see!

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