May 26, 2017

Marvel Reviews: Totally Awesome Hulk #19

Totally Awesome Hulk #19
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Robert Gill
Colorist: Nolan Woodard
Cover: Stonehouse

This latest issue is the prelude to the Weapons of Mutant Destruction crossover and it’s time for Amadeus Cho to get brought to speed on what’s been going on. So what better way than a fight with enhanced clawed cyborgs in space who are also hunting a specific set of mutants.

If you haven’t been reading Weapon X don’t worry because Pak ties the events together as the crossover gains momentum. What’s even better is that if this is your first issue of Totally Awesome Hulk he makes this an easy read for you to jump into as well. No time is wasted in getting the action going with an overconfident Hulk before introducing Sabretooth, Domino, and Old Man Logan. Pak’s writing makes you enjoy this group and thumbs up for avoiding the heroes fighting then realizing they’re on the same side trope. Even the Weapon X scientists here are an enjoyable read in their small roles. From here he builds the story and ends it with a cliffhanger that only means trouble for the good guys.

Robert Gill is a name that is new to me but the guy draws a great looking issue! The opening sequence builds and hits these great beats of action as Hulk takes on the cyborgs. The panel layouts enhance all of the big action and Nolan Woodard’s colors just add the depth and intensity that gives this book some eye pleasing sequential artwork. With everything looking this good this art team has my vote to stay on this title permanently.

Weapons of Mutant Destruction looks to give you that summer blockbuster action and with these characters it would be hard not to deliver. So if you’re looking for that kind of story then you might want to get on board now and see how it all plays out in the end!

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  1. Iron_Matt

    Picked this one up and I like this Hulk a lot!! I missed the last arc but Greg Pak is doing some good stuff with Cho here

    • The overconfidence thing gets a bit annoying at times now that I think about it but it’s a solid series thanks to Pak

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