May 15, 2017

Ryan Griffen’s Aboriginal Superhero Returns In ‘Cleverman’ Season 2 Trailer

Ryan Griffen’s Cleverman returns for its second season and looks to blow the entire roof off the building! A teaser was released during Supanova Expo and it did just enough to get fans ready for what’s to come which makes waiting for June 28th seem that much farther away.

Everything is bigger and better with things looking much darker for the Hairies. Waruu seems to have joined with Slade and completely sold out his people in his quest for “peaceful” coexistence between humans and Hairies. Thankfully his brother, Koen has fully accepted his role and newfound powers as Cleverman and is looking like the badass hero he needs to be in order to step up and save everyone.

Cleverman stars Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins, Deborah Mailman, Rarriwuy Hick, Ryan Corr, Tyson Towney, Iain Glen, Frances O’Connor, and newcomer, Clarence Ryan as Jarli the Bindawu warrior.

Cleverman will debut June 28th on Sundance TV.

The thrilling and original Sci Fi drama “Cleverman” Season 2 picks up hours after the explosive conclusion of season one. In the wake of the Containment Authority’s attack on the zone, Koen sets out to harness his powers with the dream of bringing all cultures together. His brother Waruu shares the same vision, yet now allied with Slade, his methods are far more dubious. Outside the city limits, a new threat lurks that will challenge both brothers’ pursuits.


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