April 4, 2017

Top Cow Reviews: Postal #19

Postal #19
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Isaac Goodhart
Colorist: K. Michael Russell
Cover: Linda Sejic

Another tense issue of Postal has hit the shelves and if you’re already reading this series then it’s no suprise how great the creative team is doing with this story. And this is coming from the guy who made the mistake of passing on the first story arc because I had a ‘Comic Snob’ moment. However, after coming on board the Postal train it’s consistently been one dark and twisted ride worth the wait every month.

This issue starts off with a solid recap of past events that will get you familiar with what’s going on if you happen to be new to the series. From there Hill wastes no time building on last issue’s cliffhanger and delivering some of Mark’s best dialogue to date. The exchange between him and Molly is just one of several moments that show he’s not to be underestimated and that Molly is one sick and manipulative character. What’s scary though is that nothing good comes from sleeping with the crazy girl. Nothing. Now as good as the issue starts off it’s the attack on the Shiffron home that was the high point due to Hill’s pacing and striking dialogue. Mark lays down some hard facts to the Eden residents and let’s them know that he may not be the Mayor they want but he’s damn sure the Mayor they’re going to have.

Isaac Goodhart is on fire this issue and it looks fantastic! He not only syncs perfectly with the narrative but hits many of the dramatic beats with Bruce Lee precision. The sequence with Isaac and Agent Bremble is an ominous and heavy scene that looks even better due to K. Michael Russell’s colors. That close-up of Shiffron on his stick throne is one of those perfect syncing moments. Then when we get to the attack towards the end I wish they weren’t masked because I can only imagine what that one character’s expression was after Mark’s revelation. This is yet another sequence that stands out as Goodhart executes the angles, body language, and facial expressions that deliver some of the best Postal moments.

Postal is a series that has delivered a story that fans of suspense thrillers should be running to get to. Now we can only wait and see how things play out because there’s a plot to destroy Eden and NOTHING good can come from Mark’s decision to sleep with Molly. Talk about a bad omen.


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