March 30, 2017

Valiant Reviews: Generation Zero #8

Generation Zero #8
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist(s): Diego Bernard, Juan Castro, Allison Rodriguez
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Cover: Khari Evans & Andrew Dalhouse

The latest issue of Generation Zero is just a crazy ride of action as one of the characters you’d least like to have powers now has them. Not only is Adele now an unstable powerhouse but she’s intent on beating the entire team and killing Keisha. But as her new friends are putting up one hell of a fight, Keisha is trying to get her dad to safety in one of the wildest chase scenes that goes to show just how crazy Adele is.

With so much action taking place in this issue, Van Lente makes sure not to skimp on the story and once again balances it all out to perfection. The sequence between Keisha and her dad designates a shift in their relationship and hopefully he’s more agreeable after this. It reveals some key story elements and it’s a talk that was just unavoidable for too much longer. Van Lente also has a knack for making creepy and sadistic characters like Adele just fun to watch while pacing out the crazy just right. Ensuring that artist, Diego Bernard, has something insane to draw that will make your eyes give you a high five.

As far as the visuals go this is another in a long line of great looking Valiant comics. The first few pages set the stage for what we’ll get which is intense and balls to the wall crazy action. From Adele destroying houses to Cloud being punched through three of them just know that it gets even better after that. There’s a great chase sequence that you have to see to really enjoy so I’ll just let you know that great art and narrative sync up to make that the standout moment. There’s three artists on this one and it’s done so well that everything is a seamless transition from one panel to the next. Also, hats off once again to Andrew Dalhouse who takes the visuals to another level plus I’m a sucker for cool light trails.

Overall, this issue is a must have for anyone already reading the series. However, it’s not an ideal jumping on point but you’ll still enjoy it because it’s just that good. There’s a reason the fans voted this title as one of the best superhero titles of 2016 so if you’re looking for a teen superhero comic that will deliver the unexpected along with a great story then grab Generation Zero.

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